Fusion Accessed.

  • 2 Oct '12
  • 5:28 am by Crew
Acrylic Planters
We were at The Design One, Mumbai exhibition recently and loved the new collection by Fusion Access, Mumbai. Fusion Access, founded by Shilpa Kalanjee has won the EDIDA, Furniture Design Award in 2008. Shilpa Kalanjee designs for a diverse range from contemporary & modern to classic & antique. The Acrylic Planters were our favourite with small fairy lights placed inside. They have metal stands to put flowers arrangements in. Even as a single piece they light up any area very delicately. The smoke and mirror centre table and side boards was different. Exquisite Moroccan motifs are patterned in the mirror. The blend between the antique and contemporary is executed well. Gold leafing all your furniture is very passe and OTT. But a hint of it with a simple pattern looks very elegant. We like the wooden sofa with the variegated gold leaf pattern. Perfect for the visitor area or ante room. The traditional votive holders and accessories also caught our attention. A soft gold, not too loud. All their furniture is made of old Burma Teak, alot of it recycled. So not only are you getting beautiful furniture but giving a little back to the environment.

Smoke and Mirror Center Table
Smoke & Mirror Side Table
Variegated Gold Leaf Pattern
Gold Leafed Patterned Sofa 
Votive Holders & Accessories

Fusion Access
Monica Bungalow,
Ground Flr, Fazal Road, 
Old Cuffe Parade, 
Mumbai 400 005
Mumbai, Pune & Goa

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Photos courtesy Fusion Access