Get Your Festive on with these Art Deco Finds for your Home.

  • 31 Oct '18
  • 9:30 am by Crew

A Mood Board for that perfect festive look!

When we think Art Deco we think Roaring Twenties which is the perfect vibe for this years festive season. We think Gatsby, Jazz and profane opulence. Mirroring the sensibilities of the era, the movement brought together luxury and modernity. Bold symmetry and streamlined shapes prevailed, as did jewel-tones and animal prints. Last year’s vogue for velvet and metallic ties in with this style, and seeing as the 20’s are almost upon us once more, a revival of Art Deco aesthetics seems only fitting.
Here’s how you can encapsulate the essence of Art Deco in a modern space. The first step is to incorporate geometrical elements into your décor. Then next, experiment with mixing metals, as both gold and silver were fairly popular during the era. Lastly, finish off with colour, you can’t go wrong with black and white – a combination highly characteristic of the Art Deco aesthetic. Add some rich jewel tones to the mix, and if you’re feeling particularly confident, finish with an animal print.
Here are our picks for Art Deco decor from Indian brands –
1. Ceramic Jar, Address Home,  2 – Serving Tray, Address Home,  3 – Test Tube Vase, Nicobar,  4 – Charger Plate, The House of Things,  5 – Sun Sculpture, The Lohasmith,  6 – Spencer, Jainsons Emporio,  7 – Wallpaper, Nilaya Asian Paints,  8 – Ribbed Candle, The Yellow Door Store