Happy Cow Apartment – Labwerk!

  • 29 Mar '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Library Space

Out of a host of fabulous projects by Labwerk, this apartment, happy cow apartment as they call it, seemed to speak to me the most. The design style, i love, its absolutely me. Minimalistic yet warm, striking a fine balance between decoration and over styling.

Shonan Trehan has designed this for an indo-Dutch couple, keeping with their personalities, a clean, aesthetic, fuss free home. Integrating two mirror apartments into one large apartment, led to the formation of a large central space. Unintentionally leading into multiple open yet private spaces. The library is a comfy bright blue chaise, surrounded by books. My only concern with open shelving in India is the dust factor. But I guess for this look even I would take that chance.

Entrance Door
Living Room View from the Entrance

Right next to the library nook is a desk space. A small very nice detail is the use of a suspended fan. Due to the number of beams crossing in that section, a regular fan would not fit the bill. Hence Shonan Trehan, has smartly used a small suspended fan to do the job, & it looks cute too. Then you have an small patio for that morning coffee. Light teak outdoor flooring with simple furniture.

Another Living Room View
Seating with a view of the Patio 
Study Area 
Dining Area

The finishing and tones in the dining area reverse themselves. Indicating the change in function & space. We have a teak laminate wood flooring instead of the tiles & a white table instead of a wood one. A busy wallpaper has been chosen to add a bit of chaos, to the otherwise clear house. The same wallpaper has been carried into the bathroom. Used in the dry dressing table part, again adding to the busy activity of when one is getting ready. The concealed mirror and compartments is well thought of.
After writing all this, going back I realised the lack of curtains. White hunter douglas blinds sitting neatly on the windows. Perfect ending.

Dressing Table

Photograph credit Kunal Bhatia
Photographs courtesy Labwerk