Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! – Gift Wrapping Ideas!

  • 21 Dec '12
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Christmas is one of my fav holidays! There is cheer & merriment everywhere. Hectic cities slow down for a while. I was busy packing a present for my Secret Santa. Completely bored with the regular metallic cellophane papers, Pinterest came to my rescue. Going through dozens of lovely ideas, I shortlisted the best. Easy, practical & beautiful! Even if you aren’t the most crafty, dont worry, these are simple yet amazing! 
Idea # 1 reminds me of a blackboard present. Very easy to do. Buy opaque black paper. Use a white ink pen by Kores or any good company. Write and draw whatever you like! You can draw antlers, snowflakes, ornaments anything you like. You can use this idea even when giving kids birthday presents. Draw rockets, barbie dolls whatever the kids enjoy. You can choose not to put a Christmas card with this. 

Idea # 2 needs lots of colorful yarn. You can go to a HAB Usha store and buy meters of lovely rainbow colors like below. Or you can get three four bright colors. Simple brown paper to wrap the gift. Use the string to tie go around and tie a knot on top. The person will have a field day trying to unknot these! Unless he finds scissors that is 😉

Idea # 3 & 4 both use plain simple brown paper. # 3 is my personal favourite. It is so personalized  You can use black and white, color, or polaroid photographs. Make sure they are uniform for all the presents. Bonus is you will know whose present is the biggest! For #4 tie fancy buttons in, or faux fruits, flowers to yarn. Jute strings would also look nice instead of the yarn. 

Idea # 5 is one I fell in love with from the Ikea website. It is not only a great gift wrapping idea but also styling idea. For wrapping buy lots of red and white prints. Polka dots, stripes, checks, use different prints. Wrap them as functional objects if you can do away with the box. 
Style a shelf with regular mundane items and wrap them up in paper. Try this with neon shades. Do a shocking pink shelf. Dont forget to wrap the shelf. Let the shelf change every couple of months. 
I hope you like these ideas and find them useful. If you have other ideas please send them in. We can share them with everyone. 
We are going around the city tomorrow to bring you Mumbai’s Christmas trees. Tell us which one you liked the most!

Photos via Pinterest & Ikea