Iconic Photography and Furniture Design – 5 Design Experts Weigh In

  • 25 May '20
  • 9:30 am by Crew

Like any form of creative expression, good design and photography transcend style.  We asked a few product designers and photographers with varied design sensibilities to pick what they considered to be truly iconic. Featuring unique manipulations of brass and glass, furniture inspired by Omani architecture, and photography that makes a socio-political statement, our roundup is as diverse as the people themselves.

Nizwa Cabinet. Photograph credit – Bethan Grey

Aradhana Anand, Limón

I have followed Bethan Gray’s work for a few years now and to me, the Nizwa line under her Shamsian Collection is not only iconic but elegant and grandiosely beautiful. The collection is inspired by Omani craft and architecture; chiefly, by the rounded castellations of the Nizwa Fort in Oman. My favourite piece from this line is the 2 Door Nizwa Cabinet in Nizwa Jade.

Bell Table. Photograph Credit – Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner

Well if I can pick one of my own designs it is definitely the Bell Table I designed for ClassiCon. I created it in 2009 and sent it in production 3 years later. It is a combination of brass and glass, showing the beauty of real craftsmanship and my passion for quality. It is nowadays, one of the most successful side tables in the furniture business.

Photograph Credit – Edmund Summer

Edmund Sumner

For me, the Neehlam Cinema in Chandigarh had become something of an enigma, a semi quest. I’d often heard about the two cinemas designed by Le Corbusier but couldn’t find any images or confirmation that they still existed. This only acted to increase my curiosity until I finally decided to visit in 2016. If I had to choose one image that from the last 10 years this would be it. This image Is currently for sale as part of #artistssupportpledge.

Photograph Credit – Michael Wolf

Salvatore Di Gregorio

Michael Wolf’s work reflects the living conditions of major cities. In this particular series of Hong Kong buildings, he carefully reproduced visual patterns of an endless architecture complex. In the meantime, he is also able to address issues such as population concentration, mass consumption, privacy, and voyeurism. This photograph for me is one of the most iconic architectural photographs of our time.

The Flux Chair. Photograph Credit – Trika

Fenny Ganatra

For me its Flux Chair, a giant envelope for the Outdoor & Indoors. Simple, innovative & easy to use. Fashioned out of a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene, the flux turns itself into a flat envelope. This outdoor chair weighs only five kilos.”