Index Exhibition 2012

  • 5 Nov '12
  • 7:48 am by Crew
Aankur Khosla’s Installation

This year Index Exhibiton, Mumbai was a big disappointment for us. For starters the entry at Index Exhibition was Rs 300 per person as opposed to a larger and better ACETech Exhibition which was free! Our passes didnt show up this year and irrespective whether you are part of the trade or no, designer or no, you had to pay. Very well, after that we hoped the show would be worth it. The vendors were all the same. The most (only) interesting pieces to see were the art installations done by eminent Architects, Aankur Khosla, Arjun Malik and Kapil Surlakar.

Aankur Khosla has created a labyrinth with the use of plumbing pipes of varying diameters. Aankur tells us, ” We have used the pipes to draw an association with the complexities of the human mind. Quick Response Codes & markers are affixed on the junctions of the pipes. Reflecting the stop gaps in the voyeuristic journey in the maze. The pipes carrying the lifeline of energy through them.” Aankur has created Art as not just a visual element but also an experience with the interaction you feel as you wind your way through the maze.
Arjun Malik uses void as inspiration in his installation. Using cardboard and few fittings, he has created what seems like large wings with pockets representing the void. Stretching from the ceiling to the floor it spreads all over and lands into a sand pit. Sheltering a layered chair. Intervals between each sheet. But still remaining comfortable to plonk on. Cardboard is the new eco friendly material. Carvable, durable and easy to use. Also been used by Campana Brothers at the Maison & Objet, Paris this year.
Kapil Surlakar’s installation had us a bit confused. Using water as in inspiration. We wonder if it’s a look at life half full or half empty. The pessimistic or optimistic view. Through the water the pattern looks different. We wished there was a description available. But this way we got to make our own interpretation.

Aankur Khosla’s Installation
Arjun Malik’s Installation
Arjun Malik’s Installation
The Chair – Arjun Maliks Installation
Kapil Surlakar Installation – Water
Large Origami Birds hung from the ceiling. We liked!

*Design Pataki has reviewed the Exhibition anonymously