India Design Forum – The Momentous Day 1

  • 19 Mar '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Thomas Heatherwick

The second edition of India Design Forum just came to a close in Mumbai. The most eminent design thinkers descended in the city over over the weekend. You can see the entire list of speakers here, but these are the speakers and talks that left us spellbound.

The Role of Design: Thomas Heatherwick
UK designer Thomas Heatherwick’s opening lecture highlighted the crucial role of Design. He wowed the audience with public and institutional projects that showed the power of design to humanize, unite and surprise. The most stunning project till date has to be the pavilion he made for the UK at the Shanghai Expo 2010. What was refreshing about Thomas Heatherwick, was how unassuming he was about the brilliance he unleashed on us. Humble & humorous he had everyone in love with him.

Anouska Hempel

Anouska Hempel in conversation with Architectural Digest’s editor Manju Sara Rajan. Known for her exquisite design at the Blake Hotel, London. One of the first boutique hotels across the world. The most important philosophy to follow, Anouska Hempel says, when designing a space is to do it perfectly. “Whatever you do, should be perfect.” Interior Design is a lifestyle, what you choose for yourself. Known for her landscaping, its interesting how the landscaping is clean and sculpted as opposed to the opulence of the spaces she creates.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The Importance of heritage in branding Indian design – Sabyasachi Mukherjee.
Sabyasachi’s opening note was brilliantly given. The points he wanted to make were so well put together in 10 minutes, you hung off every word he said. Using Disney’s animated movie Ratatouille as an unusual reference for the point he was trying to make, that is, India’s need to nurture the heritage & culture we have and develop it.
After his opening note there was interactive session with the designer. He gave us an insight into his humble beginnings, to the future of brand Sabyasachi.

Oskar Zieta

Breathing metal: Oskar Zieta
Polish architect and process designer Oskar Zieta virtually lives and breathes metal. The video above shows the process and the product perfectly. Zieta explained the processes of the FIDU technology he developed which allows welded steel plates to be inflated by compressed air. The technology is not only being applied for his own metal furniture but also for architecture, art and hopefully infrastructure where the sky’s the limit.

Photos courtesy India Design Forum