Joseph Walsh Studio – Wood Artist

  • 30 Jul '12
  • 7:17 pm by admin
I believe that the core of Interior Design is to surround ourselves with objects which are more than just about being functional and having aesthetic value. They should excite you and go beyond what it should be. The Irish wood artist Joseph Walsh does more than with his furniture. He gives bespoke furniture a new definition. 
At the age of 31 this young mans work can be found in many significant International Museums and Private Collections.
Inspired by the work of British furniture designer John Makepeace. He learned the act of creation through consideration, meticulous planning and purposeful action – a chair is not just a chair. Joseph pieces remind me of wood artist George Nakashima
The below images are from his most recent collection , Enignum (Latin words for Enigma or mystery and Lingum or wood) and some of his previous work.
He is a man who cannot be described by one word. He is a wood artist, scuptor, furniture designer, engineer and more. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next. 
Enignum Lounge Chair
Enignum II Dining Table
Enimgnum Two Seater

Figure of Six
Equinox Paris Wall
Equinox Collect Wall