Khalid Shafar – A Tale of Objects.

  • 9 Jan '13
  • 7:35 am by Crew
The Auction

Introducing Khalid Shafar to you today. A very interesting and incredibly creative person. Having studied in a variety of prestigious colleges across the world, Khalid has mastered techniques relating to furniture and and their movement. Every piece created by Khalid Shafar, has a tale, a story, an inspiration. Some of the pieces we liked the most have great stories of inspiration behind them. 

The table (above) called, ‘The Auction’ was from a childhood memory of men bringing sacks to sells wares to housewives. What makes this piece interactive is that you can store anything at the bottom and then cover it with the cloth. The black upholstery contrasts beautifully with the ash wood on the table top. 

The Trap 
The Trap

Another interesting piece was the ‘The Trap’. Inspired by fishing nets which he would see fishermen use on the beach near him. The net shields you view from seeing what lies in the shelf. Though rather voluminous in size for a shelving system. It is more an art piece and conversation starter. It would be the best in a large space like the living area.

Arabi Chandelier
Arabi Space Divider

The Arabi Chandelier & Space Divider are inspired from the black headband worn by men in the Arab region. The outcome is a classically shaped chandelier using traditional handmade and modern industrial materials. Available only in black, it leaves me to wonder what other colors would do to the piece. I would love to see this in a striking red. 

Illusion Arm

Illusion Dine
Polyester rope and ash wood have been combined for the Illusion Dine & Arm. We love the golden black ropes used for the Illusion Arm. A cream sofa and these arm chair across would look stunning. We love the dining chair bright colors. Would love the use all four colors on one table. 
Constantly taking us back in time and then plunging us forward into the contemporary. We are looking forward to what Khalid has in store for us with his next pieces.  
Photos courtesy Khalid Shafar