Komal Vasa’s designs for Salone Satellite, Milan

  • 10 Apr '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Mansara Front View

Big hello from the sweltering Capital, New Delhi! I will be returning back tomorrow, in the mean time introducing Komal Vasa. She is one out of the only two Indian designers to be selected for the prestigious Salone Satellite exhibition held in Milan every year in April. It is part of the Salone Del Mobile. Out of 6,50,000 entries only 700 are shortlisted for the showcase & Komal Vasa being one of the only two Indians to make it.
Two of her pieces, the Mandala & the Mansara, with their origin in ancient Indian tradition & Buddhist ideologies, have been selected to be a part of The Satellite.

Mansara – It is a metal and glass enclosure with a ceramic sculpture trapped within to be perceived in all its dimensions. The Mansara is 8 ft length x 2.9 inches height x 21 inches depth. The piece is made out of laser cut metal, slumped glass, wood & ceramic sculpture. The Mansara could be a space divider, a dining buffet, a cabinet, a reception desk or anything as per the imagination of the user. The sides open up with ample storage space.


Mandala – It is a light installation that fits ideally at a design park, a garden or an outdoor viewing space. The upper rim has lenses fixed at regular intervals which converge the external light to a focal point in the centre of the ceiling. When you stand inside the enclosure, the converged light creates a halo all around thus creating a balance between the macrocosm & the microcosm of the persons universe. Also one glance up at the ceiling lets the viewer see a converged image of the outer skyline thus lending a surreal feel to the entire experience.


We caught up with Komal, here’s what she had to say.

How did Mansara & Mandala get conceived?
They were conceived by ready texts, followed by a lot of working models researching the working of them and then lots of sampling to get the feel and detail right.

How does it feel to be part of the Salone Satellite?
A proud Indian

Salone del Mobile to you is?
Melting pot to exchange ideas

You have worked in the US, UK and India. How would you describe your experiences?
Every place has a different style of working. Design stays design everywhere in the world

Your go to for design information (magazine / website / books)?
All three, I can never get enough of design

When starting a project what is key to keep in mind?
The thought process

Architect or Designer from the past you admire the most?
Le Corbusier

Current Architect or Designer you admire the most?
Daniel Libeskind

Materials you cant get enough of?
I have never restricted myself when it comes to materials. Always experimented with various ones, from the conventional to the slightly off-beat as well.

What is next once you come back?
I do not know. Anything anywhere can trigger a new idea.


Photos courtesy Komal Vasa