Memories Of A Butterfly – Sreeti Mondol

  • 24 Nov '12
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Introducing you to Memories of a Butterfly by Sreeti Mondol. When she first wrote into to us, we were excited to see a different take on bead curtains. The more we looked into Sreeti’s work, we were growingly impressed. Creating very high end bead curtains, screens and installations. Having travelled across the world and back to Bangalore, she hopes her experiences can transcend into her designs. A short interview with her to get know the person behind Memories of a Butterfly.

Why the name ‘Memories of a Butterfly’?
‘Memories of a Butterfly’ is a phrase that has stuck with me since I was a child, inspiring vivid, mystifying thought and image. Today, this is the essence of my company and therefore its name.

Where do you think your work looks the best?
As separators  at entrances, window & door curtains. Doing a bedpost curtain chandelier has been the most fun. Any area, drawing, dining, kitchen, dining, entrance & living, corridors, bedroom.
The list goes on, the bead curtain is an adaptable product. It can define a space, cut off light, or allow light to flow in.

Which curtains are the most popular? Any favorites? Approximate Price Range?
Today everyone has varied tastes and preferences. Each space is more different than then next. So its difficult to say what exactly is trending. Though over the years the ‘Pomegranate Gold’ has been the most loved. We have adapted it in many colors. The curtains start at Rs 5,000 and go up to Rs 30,000 depending on the quality type of beads, design, no. of strings and customisation.

How does one go about with the installation? Do you deliver outside Bangalore?
It is very easy to install. The strings are on rings. So all you need to do is put them through a regular curtain rod. We can advise different options also if the clients needs some customisation. In restaurants we put the curtain on a wooden plank. This is installed in the ceiling so it becomes immobile. We deliver across the world.

Last question, what excites you the most about your work?
I love what I do and the best part is that it inspires good and happy people. Bonus in the highly interactive process is that I get to meet lots of amazing people.

Langford Road,
Bangalore, India
(By appointment only)

+91 98455 08083


*Design Pataki in conversation with Sreeti MondolPhotos courtesy Memories of a Butterfly