Mixed Media by Smriti Dixit

  • 23 Apr '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Price Tag I

Last time I introduced Bharti Kher’s work with bindis as her medium to translate textures. Meet Smriti Dixit, she uses textiles to help express her place in a post modern cultural reality. Smriti Dixit received a BFA from Maharaja Sayajirao University in Baroda. She has been part of several solo and group shows both in India and abroad. She recently showcased at the India Art Fair 2013. 

She explains the Price Tag exhitbit saying, “Price tag holding clips refers to the commodified. I saw a nest in a weaver village. And the nest was made out of various things that were available in the vicinity, like thermocol, visiting cards and price tags amongst others. When we build our houses, we use expensive materials and objects to create happiness which always comes with a price tag. So this is a nest with a price tag.” This piece was apparently bought by the Mumbai International Airport for 25 lakhs. Now at least there is something to look forward to at the otherwise dreary Mumbai Airport.
To Generate Funds


Nest with a Price Tag


The flower motif, around which she works, helps relate to the feminine ‘self’. Part of the exhibit “A Secret Garden”. Through her works, she offers visual expressions of the mundane.
Smriti Dixit says, “I don’t separate art from life. Rather, for me, art is the everyday reality I have witnessed in terms of an artistic display of fruits or vegetables for sale on a vendor’s cart or any commodity that attracts a buyer. Aesthetics need not be confined to fineries and refinement in presentation.”
I feel she uses the colors of India in her work to depict an everyday world, with turmeric yellow, sindoor red and emerald green. Lets see where she draws her inspiration next from, for her unusual, brilliant pieces.
Flower as Motif


5 Elements
Photos via Aicon Gallery