Monday Mood from 'The Land of the Rising Sun' – Japan

  • 19 Feb '18
  • 10:00 am by Crew
Japan – Monday Mood

Monday Mood, our new experiment into showcasing Design from around the world. Starting with the east we will move to the West. Mapping the changes in pattern, culture and form through interior design, decor and colour. The unique part of this experiment is to see the over lapping trends due the phenomena of globalisation.

Zen, minimalism, balance, order, ancient customs and love for natural beauty is what Japanese interiors promise to deliver. The endearing quality of colours like blue, black, red, white and grey converge to bring a feel that can be added to any home and life. On the other hand, Japanese products reflects one a kind of simplicity that is hard to resist. A great sense of ergonomics is also bestowed on Japanese designs. The products like chopstick holder, flexible screens and lower lighting levels add to a pacific concept of Japanese home décor. Subsequently, a good amount of tranquility is achieved by the combination and arrangement of colours, commodity and creation. Moreover, love and respect for nature is an intrinsic part of their style. The use of woods like maple, cypress, hemlock and red pine as well as Bonsai and Bamboo is consistently encouraged. In this manner, the moment the pacifying colours and minimal spaces are encountered, one can totally recall on a Japanese mood of style and métier.

Photographs via Rikumo ,Arch Daily , Nendo , Ookkuu