Morimoto Mexico City – Schoos Design

  • 27 Jul '12
  • 6:47 pm by admin
Schoos Design is a renowned firm which creates spaces as well as products. They use exotic cultural and natural elements from around the world recreating it into a new idea. Thomas Schoos vision is energetic and vibrant. The restaurant is located inside the Camino Real Hotel in Mexico City. The hotel has a modernist design which inspired Thomas to create a space inside it which  piece of modern art. The space was large and the glass ceiling at 75feet height. Schoos divided the space by creating free standing wooden structures that resemble a series of interlocking boxes like the ‘bento’ box turned on its side. Dramatic art pieces, custom designed furnishings, canvases painted by Thomas all make this space a beautiful art piece. The final element is a rope installation which literally ties the entire space together.

 This image gives us a complete view of the restaurant. Notice how the main dining area, the upper dining area and the private dining area all have three different chairs. A combination of two marbles are used for the flooring in the main area.
 Led Lights are used to wash the walls creating a nice ambience. The chair go with the shapes on the right wall.
 The colorful prints on the chairs adds that pop of color.
 The glass ceiling at 75 feet height lets a lot of natural sunlight enter the restaurant. 
 Paintings by Thomas himself. The ropes are strewn across the paintings.
 The goldenish yellow of the sofa is beautifully used. The height of the sofa allows for more use of the fabric.
 The pendant lights and the rope are the only constant in this space. You can see the light reflecting off the glass of the tables.