Mumbai’s Newest Private Club Boasts All The Trappings Of Indulgence

  • 5 Jan '22
  • 2:14 pm by Nuriyah Johar

Revelry, indulgence, and extravagance – Bombay’s latest members-only club, Jolie’s, is hardly subtle about what it represents. An essence of hedonistic pleasure is resonant throughout the 20,000 square feet that the space occupies, defining a different kind of luxury that seeks the new and embraces the unexpected. Jolie’s is the brainchild of Aryaman Birla, founder of Aditya Birla New Age. Born out of his proclivity to create, the club stands as a compelling reflection of the young entrepreneur’s tremendous appreciation of the arts. “This is a place carved out for creative expression – evoked by our language, the fluid design of our nine spaces and the rich variety of experiences to be had within them,” Aryaman Birla tells us. “Jolie’s sets the scene for you to be your truest self in like-minded company.”

Surrounded by the sprawling glass facades of Worli, Jolie’s has been conceptualized keeping in mind the kind of people that would be drawn to it – everyone from entrepreneurs to artists would find a safe space for expression here. Spanning three levels, both speakeasies and conference rooms exist in harmony within this unorthodox club. Jolie’s has been designed by Kaif Faquih of Faquih and Associates, who described the interior architecture of Jolie’s as a “paradox of grandeur and intimacy.” While Jolie’s is divided into nine distinct zones that feature thoroughly unique design languages, they are all tied together by an overlying philosophy of decadent yet thoughtful expression. Design Pataki visited Jolie’s to get a sense of what truly makes this luxury members-only club an experience in indulgence. Here’s an insight into what it offers –

A grand foyer that sets the tone for the rest of the space, Tickle beckons you in. Image Credits – Jolie’s
Seen is where art, theatre, and music come together in an almost nostalgic fashion. Image Credits – Jolie’s

Tickle and Seen –
A grand foyer that sets the tone for the rest of the space, Tickle’s double heighted ceiling, pristine marble floor, and soft curved forms beckon you in. The space features both neotenic design elements like comfortable rounded seating and Art Deco undertones in the metal accents. An arched alcove provides a sense of intimacy for jazz and classical music aficionados, where a white grand piano takes center stage. “Tickle is the tease before the main affair,” says Faquih. “It is restrained in its expression and reserved in its secrets before you enter.”

An extension of Tickle, Seen is where art, theatre, and music come together in an almost nostalgic fashion. While it is demarcated from the rest of the space by a striking mosaic mahogany floor, Seen’s main attractions are a floor-to-ceiling liquid library and an illuminated bar. Fuzzy velveteen fabrics line the walls and chairs, which, combined with the metal detailing and dark wooden elements, evince a mysterious glamour. A large screen that lends itself to cinematic viewing experiences adds to the charm of Seen. Explaining the thought process behind Seen, Faquih tells us, “Everything is larger than life. The design alludes to stagecraft and theatre and insinuates what is meant to follow.”

Bread & Bacchus marries Scandinavian minimalism with hints of futurism. Image Credits – Jolie’s

Bread & Bacchus –
In line with Jolie’s overarching international appeal, Bread & Bacchus takes inspiration from the dining customs of Europe. Swathed in light woods, and soft neutral tones, the restaurant marries Scandinavian minimalism with hints of futurism, as is evident in the curved forms that continue through the interior. Floor-to-ceiling windows and the double heighted ceiling add an airy expansiveness to the restaurant, making it an absolute must-visit during the daytime. The sunlight streaming through magnifies every textural element, creating a compelling visual narrative through materiality.

The mini-gold turf at Jolie’s. Image Credits – Jolie’s
The sunken lounge within The Canary’s Campus. Image Credits – Jolie’s

The Canary’s Campus –
A refreshing outdoor oasis, The Canary’s Campus is Jolie’s leisure center that features a sunken lounge and mini-golf turf; a rarity in the city. It is also a stomping ground for the members’ pets, making it the perfect spot for animal aficionados. Much like the interiors of Jolie’s, rigid angularity is eschewed in favour of soft, free-flowing forms and curved silhouettes in the outdoor area. As a testament to the meticulous level of attention to detail – even the sand in the sunken lounge is imported from the Maldives!

The highlight of the male restroom is a life-sized black stallion that appears as though emerging from the walls. Image Credits – Jolie’s

The Jungaloos –
The mascots of Jolie’s – the flamingo and the stallion are best represented in what would otherwise be one of the most unobtrusive areas – the restrooms! Veritable conversation starters that have playfully been dubbed the ‘Jungaloos’, these male and female restrooms take inspiration from those of London’s iconic private clubs like Annabel’s. Pink, maximalist, and willfully over-the-top, the female restroom features fur-lined ceilings and flamingo sinks. On the other hand, the highlight of the male restroom is a life-sized black stallion that appears as though emerging from the walls.

The Big Top, Fuma, and Cabal tap into the idea of ‘releasing your wild side.’ Image Credits – Jolie’s
A maximal jungle wallpaper by Moooi has been customized for The Big Top. Image Credits – Jolie’s

The Big Top, Fuma, and Cabal –
The Big Top is Jolie’s grand ode to the bacchanals of centuries past. Art Deco elements, jewel tones, and a maximal jungle wallpaper by Moooi customized for the space tap into the idea of ‘releasing your wild side.’ A curved bar seemingly attaches itself to a spiral staircase, which leads one into Fuma and Cabal. The former is a quaint cigar lounge that comes to life with luxe veridian velvets, radial chevron ebony, and drapery that form the backdrop to thematic artwork. The latter is a hidden bar that stands for a sort of understated hedonism. “The minute you enter Cabal you feel the jolt of contrast,” says Faquih. “Corten Steel walls are used to evoke a subterranean atmosphere of the speakeasy era.” The deep mood lighting enhances the secrecy and glamour that the space evokes, while the plush, patterned seating and inviting arches create an alcove of sophistication.

The art curation at Jolie’s has been a collaborative experience with The Designera. Image Credits – Jolie’s

An overview of Jolie’s would be incomplete without a mention of the art that is used throughout. Apart from serving an aesthetic purpose, the art is a compelling narration of the character that inspired it. “The art anthropomorphizes the soul of Jolie’s as the carefully curated works incorporate what it means to be a part of this exclusive community,” Faquih explains. “Through the art, one can journey into the life of Jolie, a diva in every way.” The art curation at Jolie’s has been a collaborative experience with The Designera, an art and design company founded by Amrita Deora. Spanning contemporary installations and sculptures to paintings and prints, the art aims to spark intrigue in the minds of the viewers and propel the vision of the club as a place for unbridled expression.