New York Loft-Living Comes Alive At Cinnamon Lofts, Goa

  • 22 Apr '21
  • 6:13 pm by Ria Kanal

When one thinks of Goan architecture, images of old Portugese homes, vintage furniture, and charming colour-blocked beach houses are often conjured up. However, set in grey stone against the backdrop of the grazing fields in Goa’s Nerul village lies a refreshing frame of modernity; Cinnamon Lofts by designer and developer Joe Vadgama.
With a vision to recreate the quintessential New York loft experience in India, Vadgama established Cinnamon Lofts as a luxury serviced apartment complex in 2019.

The architect has always been thoroughly inspired by industrial architecture which is made evident through the lofts, the design for which is deeply rooted in contemporary industrial sensibilities. Talking about his creative process, Joe tells us,

“Buildings where seamless integration between numerous layers command the ability to listen to your design offering its direction and evolving with it, is ultimately submitting understanding with design.”

The penthouse evokes individuality and clean lines. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

Design Pataki was invited to explore the various luxury serviced apartments that Cinnamon Lofts offers.
Featuring a muted grey palette amidst the lush greenery of coastal India, the layout of the penthouse at Cinnamon Lofts allows for an abundance of natural light to flood into the space throughout the day, along with a cool, all-round breeze. The penthouse comprises a single bedroom with an open bathroom, a living room with a kitchenette, and a charming terrace with a private pool. The space is the perfect combination of functional living and indulgent comfort.

The timber-and-concrete palette is carried forward through the bedroom. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

The sprawling bedroom offers a bright sunlit experience that is enriched by the rustling coconut trees that lie beyond. The tropical charm of Goa, complete with an overall balmy atmosphere wafts through the concrete in the most beautiful way. Each furniture piece has been thoughtfully curated with the utmost attention to clean detailing, lending itself perfectly to the overall New York loft-inspired set up.

The open bathroom exemplifies industrial chic. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

An extension of the bedroom, the open, monochromatic bathroom is a striking exemplification of the industrial chic aesthetic. It accentuates the freshness of the bedroom with lush indoor plants, and witnesses a beautiful, ever-changing play of shadows during the day. The airy, organic space truly inspires a newness to the overall experience at the lofts.

An open kitchen that makes use of upcycled woodwork. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

The beauty of the kitchen lies in its details – from the decor that tells a story, to the conscious use of upcycled timber wood. Joe Vadgama and his team made clever use of the timber waste on-site to create a natural distressed look along with wicker detailing on the dining chairs. A few of the decor elements that dot the kitchen are also inspired by famous locations in London; an ode to where Vadgama grew up. The kitchen is well equipped with essentials and offers a great view of the village fields as well as the private pool beyond.

The penthouse terrace radiates expanse and embraces amiability. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

The textural concrete that washes over the terrace serves as a canvas for the playful pops of colour that stand out. The swimming pool tiles are made from natural stone and are well maintained by bees wax to keep all walls and tiles mould free. Exhibiting a good balance between practicality and visual living, the terrace serves as the perfect setting for a tropical Goan sunset and a swim.

The industrial aesthetic extends to the exteriors of the property as well. Image Credits – Prajwal Nagaraj

Just like the interiors, the industrial-chic vibe is carried through to the exterior of the property as well. Cinnamon Lofts was built by Vadgama alongside construction specialist Mahesh Pednekar. The artefacts, soft furnishings, and artwork used throughout the complex are curated and sourced by Interior consultant Carolina Paez, while the credit for the artwork goes to Maria Philipose.

Cinnamon Lofts stands as a striking union between the comfort of wild, coastal seclusion and the distinct charm of New York living. Joe Vadgama’s vision is actualized as the perfect Goan getaway, combining the best of the city and country life.