Pataki Diwali Must Do’s !

  • 7 Nov '12
  • 8:01 am by Crew

After debating over this article for a long time. I decided to give you ideas on what to do, to help ‘Pataki out’ your home. We are going to highlight the must do’s for any space makeovers this Diwali.

Reupholstering all your furniture: We generally love using neutrals tones. Olives, creams, browns and beiges. Dining chairs, we prefer using darker tones. Spilling is inevitable. So lets not make it stressfull. We dont want the stain visible. Use a more durable and stain resistant fabric. Probably one with a vinyl coating for extra durability. Check for the number of cycles when you shop. Number of cycles means the numbers of times you can sit on the fabric. We love the below fabrics from Atmosphere direct. You can buy them directly online.

Gazelle – Faux Suede
Davidoff – Classic Contemporary Pattern
Inkling – Darker hue for the dining chairs
Brighten your Walls: By now you must already finished painting your walls. But if you feel like its still looking a bit dull and need to add the warmth, try using wall decals. Basically stickers you can place onto your walls. You find countless on Gloob and Shellys Walls. We love them for the Kids Rooms. Wallpapers are also mess free and easy to install. Ensure the wall does not have any moisture otherwise the wallaper will peel off. Use champagnes, small prints, textures. A graphic print behind the LCD panel always looks good. Try some of these from Artisan Furnishings. We like the one below, it looks like marquetry.
Lights: What is the festival of lights without lights. A good tip when entertaining would be to not use lots of direct lighting. Use lamps, candles, fairy lights to give a glow. Electric candles are our favourite as they are reusable and hassle free. The Swarovski’s Ambiray Tea Light Collection are our favourite. Stainless steel and a very elegant take on the traditional diya. Or barter in your old boring chandeliers for these new lights from Klove Studio. Will go well with a contemporary and traditional look.
Swarovski Ambiray Tea Light Collection
Rudra & Ravi Light
Rugs: Change the feel of the room by adding some warm rugs under those nesting tables or coffee tables. Experiment layering different, random rugs. Dont necessarily use them only under coffee tables or conventional spots. Try infront of your bed, on the sides, infront of large doors, in the den. We like the organic jute carpets from Cocoon Carpets & Rugs. Made with natural dyes they are good for the environment and perfect for every space.
Bohemian Collection
Home Textiles: Get some fresh, cheerful florals and prints into your room and onto your tables. Head over to Ranjit Ahuja Home Textiles. They have a festive 50% off sale currently. So all those beautiful linens are at a steal. Or you can also go to Bandit Queen at Le Mill, Mumbai. If your in New Delhi you can go to Sarita Handas store at Khan Market.

Gifting: For all those small accessories like, greeting cards, lanterns, trays, boxes choose from Akansha, the NGO’s Diwali catalogue. Our absolute favourite! What better way to celebrate Diwali than to give back to society!

Wishing all my ‘Pataki’s’ a colorful, prosperous and Happy Diwali !

Photos courtesy Atmosphere Direct, ArtisanKlove StudioSwarovskiCocoon CarpetsAkansha