Priyadarshini Rao’s Industrial Ethnic Store!

  • 28 Mar '14
  • 11:00 am by Crew
Main Store Retail Space

Priyadarshini Rao’s new store nestled in a cute by lane in Khar. A complete amalgamation of the sensibilities of Interior Designer, Tejal Mathur and Fashion Designer, Priyadarshini Rao. Tejal’s industrial ethnic sense and Rao’s contemporary natural style. Tejal Mathur, outlines, “One dialogue with the statuesque designer, Priydarshini Rao, and I could imagine her stumbling upon a loft-like space in, let’s say, a Williamsburg in Brooklyn with the structure as it is and adding subtle Indian elements to form the storyboard for the store. And from that point on the idea took form and evolved organically as I went on.”

You enter the 1,200 sq ft store to an expanse of high ceilings doodled with exposed pipes. Using the rooms to segregate between India Ethnic, Western & Mens wear. A look at the entire scenery, cement polish on the ceiling evened out adds a random texture. Tejal’s knack of finding unusual furniture and accessories as seen in her previous projects like Pali Bhavan, Pali Village Cafe & Facing East are quintessential to the project. Sourced from Flea Market in Bombay, Agra & Pondicherry. The curated findings include wooden plates attached to rods to make for the hanger space. Rod shelves on top are fabricated to accommodate future storage. Folding doors, Center tables, a refurbished floor length mirror & ornate chandeliers. The trial rooms have elements to make you feel the luxury of your own boudoir. All come together to form a interesting picture.

Keeping with the vibe, the walls are distressed white or an exposed brick wall is lightly painted to allow visible imperfections. As a visual the canvas is understated enough to let the clothes speak for themselves. The handcrafted elegant furnitures blends well with the cement tiles. (Remember our trends for 2014 – Cement tIles! )  

Overall Tejal has created the laid back yet detailed space she set out to. Letting the imperfections in the walls bring out the intricacies in the carefully curated pieces. We definitely will be seeing more from Tejal soon!

Men’s Section
Ornate Refurbished Mirror
Statement Desk and Chair
The Curly Brackets are part of Rao’s Logo

Photographs courtesy Team Design, Tejal Mathur