sabyasachi’s new store is vintage haven


The new designer store in Mumbai has caught everyone attention. In the fashion as well interior design world. Sabyasachi’s new store in Bombay, Kala Ghoda, replaces the the two stores earlier. But this time Sabyasachi takes it a few notches up.

Spread over 2 floor, sprawling over an area of 8,500 sq ft. You step into a historic world.

22 vintage hand painted chandeliers, an Iranian carpet that has passed over half a dozen hands, 400 Ittar bottles, 52 antique rugs, including a 7th generation Iranian carpet, period calendar art from the 20s, hand-wound clocks, courtyard pillars from Gujarat , recycled colonial furniture and finally block printed chintz curtains.

The dim chandeliers set the mood. You revel in each moment. That was the primary  idea, Sabyasachi wants people to enjoy the space, buying a piece of his work comes secondary.

The dressing room has fun superstar mirror lights. The ones you see in actors vanity vans and model changing areas. They really bring out your inner superstar.

The attention to detail is impeccable. Some being the artwork having embroidered frames. His signature fine antique embroidery. Ittar bottles lining the shelves are glued to avoid change in placement. I believe every space must have a dash of greenery. There are plants all around which are brought out everyday for sunlight. The restroom have a antiquated copper spout emerging out a tarnished mirror.

After his recently launched jewellery collection, his dream is to design a home collection.  After experiencing the store, we cannot wait to see what lies ahead. 

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Photographs via Vogue & Mumbai Boss


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