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The Secret Garden

‘The Secret Garden’ is a solo show by artist Sandeep Jigdung. When I saw his work first it was loved, vivid colours, smooth strokes and clarity. I like every other girl love pretty things, but apart from that these paintings also reminded me another artist whose brilliant landscapes transport you into another paradise, Senaka Senanayake. Sri Lankan artist, a child prodigy, a painter of our vanishing environment. So I’m going to let you see both and decide for yourself what you feel about both artists and their work.

Sandeep Jigdung works closely with his experiences of his place and situation. The vivid and dominating greens in his canvas can almost be considered as a tribute to his vision and impression of the North-East. His towering bamboo grooves which seem to dwarf all and sundry in his works are definitive makers of his experience as a young boy growing amonsgt the verdant landscape of Shillong. HIs paintings then both testify to his nostalgia for his home and his need to relive through the various motifs, values and motifs that he has culled. Unlike the nineteenth century scientific drawings of the flora and fauna undertaken by the colonial enterprise which was more to do with control, oppression and training the native,the artists vision in stark contrast offers a respectful and sensitive treatment of nature.

The Secret Garden by Sandeep Jigdung is at showcasing till 30th Sept 2014 at

Palette Art Gallery 
14 Golf Links, New Delhi – 3
Ph : +91 011 41743034

The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden

Senaka Senanayake, was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951. He is Sri Lanka’s premier International artist with over 103 one-man exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney, etc. Recognised as a child prodigy, Senaka has enjoyed a reputation as one of Sri Lanka’s leading artists since his early childhood. A Paris art critic remarked many years ago: “Senaka is not a supported prodigy but an authentic painter because he cannot be linked to a particular aspect of Sri Lanka – he seems to get inspiration not only from the ancient forms of traditional Buddhist art but also from the luxuriant natural beauty that surrounds him.”

Pretty Polly’s All In A Row
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My Garden
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Lotus Bloom

Photographs courtesy Palette Art & Tao Art Gallery

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