Styling Tips for the Summer by Priya Lakhotia

  • 19 Apr '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Dining table styling

The summer is officially here! Aren’t we already feeling the heat?! We have Priya Lakhotia, Interior Designer & Architect, with us to give you styling tips to help you enjoy all that sunshine. Having studied at the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago she came back to India. After gaining experience with eminent architects Priya Lakhotia set up the Chicago Studio. An Interior architecture firm specializing in the development, restructuring, & beautification of commercial & residential spaces. Here are her tips on how to add that extra pizazz.

Simplicity is the best form of style. Simplicity is the effort of a genius.
There is ample of opportunity to use recyclable materials in your villas and homes. Usage of recycled materials is very important. We assure we use the most out of what exists, while still giving the space a whole new look.

Hanging lamps with Bamboo planters

The Alibaug villa we created exuded the restoration look. The revamped space has charming white walls, a dash of rich pastel color on the ceiling and wooden flooring.
1. We created an outdoor dining room where we elevated the area with simple grey kota stone. Cleanly chopped wood was aligned it with the ground, and it acted as a spatial divider. We added flower stems coming out of the wood and planters were painted in pure white.
2. A facelift for the old dining table! We placed Victorian floral mats, ceramic crockery and a crystal candle stand from Goodearth.
3. In the small living area, we created a Turkish-inspired sit down with chopped tree trunks glass top, Persian carpet and white floor cushions. The simple seating at floor levels allows informal conversation.

Turkish Seating

 • White is color at its most complete and pure, the color of perfection. It brings wholeness and completion. The color white is cleanliness personified, which gives a refreshing look. Add any color you like but completing it with a dash of white in any form brings richness. For e.g. In Paintings, soft furnishings, white flowers bring freshness all around. Be it plain simple white bedding or even crockery.

Bathroom Styling

 • Lighting adds a lot of drama even if you have a plain white wall and add a wall washer it gives a new look. Chandeliers create drama as well as tall standing lamps.
Accessorizing is the most important aspect of interior design. For a minimalistic style, even a one-statement piece works wonders.
Art works play an important role in styling. Even if you have bare minimal space and you put a huge artwork on the wall, it brings the space alive.
Solid colors add an impact as well as self on self-intricate patterns.
Embroidery panels look elegant.
•       Lastly flowers, how can it be summer and there be no flowers. I love the frangipani flower. Easy to grow and flowers for most part of the year. Use artificial flowers sparingly. Sometimes only one stem can do the trick. Like what I have used on the countertop above.

Tray Styling

Photograph credit Aatish Nath
Photos courtesy Chicago Studio