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Design Pataki welcomes submissions from architects, designers and others who would like to see their work published. Design Pataki is a great place to build awareness of your work.

If you have a new project that hasn’t been published before, simply email us a selection of good jpegs (at least 1000 pixels on the shortest side), a bit of text and links where appropriate.

Architects: plans, sections, elevations and drawings are very popular with our readers, so please include them if you can.

Please refrain from sending through high-res images and content with very large file sizes as these tend to clog up our email inboxes.

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Important: for more information on what is “acceptable” content, please read the “legal stuff” section at the bottom of this page.

We are unable to pay for photography but we will happily give credits, links and full copyright details where appropriate. Many photographers happily give us free imagery as publication on Design Pataki is a good way to promote their work and often leads to commissions from other publications.

Note: While we believe in freedom of speech, we understand that sometimes comments can upset architects and designers who send us their work. We try to moderate comments to keep them reasonable but sometimes we make mistakes. If you submit a story and you think comments are unreasonable or upsetting please drop us a line and we’ll take action.