Taxi Fabric – Making a Difference, one Taxi at a Time.

  • 18 Apr '16
  • 3:53 pm by Crew
Bombay Deco By Safomasi

All of us at some point have sat in an Auto rickshaw or Taxi across the city and been amused by how unique each one is. From glitter Rexine fabric, loud floral fabrics, stickers to flashy LED’s, each one more distinct than the other. So it is really exciting to see how ‘Taxi Fabric’ has taken this experience and created it into design communication. An experience which integrates design in ones otherwise mundane commute making it part of daily life. They have turned seats to canvases for designers, to not only showcases their designs but all allows so many people to be part it. It breaks down the notion of art being just a visual experience, by giving a touch and feel dimension to it.

Designers are pushed to be creative and find inspiration from around them and of course, from the taxi drivers themselves. To form a relationship and create stories. Taxi drivers love this concept because it makes them part of the experience. Sometimes they get tipped more, people take longer journeys and overall make them more popular. There’s a lot of power in giving someone’s livelihood a new lease of life in that way. Each taxi has the story behind each design fitted onto it.

With 33 Taxi Fabrics out in the city, making a difference one taxi at a time. A big shout out to the team behind Taxi Fabric, made up of Sanket Avlani, Mahak Malik, Nathalie Gordon, Girish Narayandass, Mayur Mengle, Isha Jhunjhunwala, & Siddharth Samant.

Nocturnal by Aditi Dash


Auto Chaos by Aniruddh Mehta


A Century of Revolt by Kunal Gaur


City As Objects by Sameer Kulavoor


Photographs courtesy Taxi Fabric.