The Aniikini Collection by Apartment 9

  • 4 Jun '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Apartment 9, Delhi launched their collection of furniture and upholstery, The Aniikini Collection. Using traditional Indian technique in hand embroidery to create contemporary pieces. Sanganeri block prints tediously made by hand. Layers of texture and thickness add character to these pieces. The floral pattern above is my favourite. With garden colours clustered together making for a stunning piece. Pricing starting at an affordable Rs 990 going up to the more exclusive Rs 13,050 per meter.

I love Apartment 9’s neutral hues blended with colored motifs. It makes it easier to mix with subtle plain tones. Especially for larger pieces. Never do an entire sofa set in one upholstery. Always mix it up. A good reference is the sofa below, where the back is in different prints though from the same color palette. The plain canvas for the base. Solids work beautifully also, black and white, blue and white, two tones, or play with the piping colors. If your young do neon!

Photographs courtesy Apartment 9