• 14 Jan '16
  • 9:00 am by Crew

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Colour me white or colour me bright? Recently a client we were designing for was faced with this conundrum. We were pitching a soft coral shade for the bed back wall in the daughter’s room. Being conservative white users, they were worried about how it would eventually turn out. Lucky for us Asian Paints had just sent us their newly launched Book of Colours! We used this lovely book to help our client get a better idea of how the room with look with a range of shades. They even had a look with the similar colour we wanted to use, ‘Buttercup.’ The client now had a vision and was immediately on board with our idea!

This got us thinking, for the novice home decorator going white is the easy way? So much so that ivory or eggshell feels like experimentation. Then how does one include metallics, pastels, textures & stencils? Drum roll, the Asian paints, Book of Colours gives a consumer the ideas, the information and inspiration you need to make the right colour decisions for every kind of design. Playing with the most popular looks that is classic modern, also tackling the tougher style that is experimental. Which is a bold and tougher look to envision. Essentially it gives you clarity on wherever colour is critical for success in creating a home that is truly you. They take you through not only bedroom and living room ideas but also how to make nooks and corners, passageways, lounge spaces more interesting. So think more than highlighting one wall in a space, go bold and colourful.

The stencils being our favourite styling idea! It is definitely a more interesting option to wall stickers or decals that start to peel off over a period of time. The book provides valuable insights into styling and decorating home along with practical advice on how to select, coordinate and communicate colours for maximum impact and effectiveness. Little tips like how to use flowers and cushions make for food for thought during the process. The Book of Colours, provide colour-matching tools at all levels helping individuals make the correct hue decision.

We found it designed to be user friendly, everything is categorically mentioned with precise information. Not similar to the paint strip sheets the painter hands to you, the book shows several related colours with the colour name for every space showcased. You can find, The Book of Colours, completely free at your local paint store or dealer.

So say hi to our personal colour consultant!

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Photographs courtesy Asian Paints