The Bombay Store launched, FORMS Furniture

  • 7 Jun '13
  • 8:07 am by Crew
FORMS Furniture, The Bombay Store

The Bombay Store recently launched their Furniture Collaboration with Forms, Nagpur. Better Interiors unveiled their 8th Anniversary Issue. We went for the event to review the collection and give you an idea of what to expect, incase your planning on dropping in.

What used to be the garment section has been taken over by the furniture collection. The collection has an Art Deco influence, mostly all carved out of dark wood. So if you want a good, solid, classic, piece of furniture then this is the place to go to. Not contemporary but definitely a piece that will be with you for a while. The pieces can be customised to size. What really caught our attention was their product line, The Elephant Company. Super kitschy designs in coasters, pillow covers, wall clocks and my favourite ‘The Mooch Mugs’. After seeing those pieces, we’vedecided to round up our favourite quirky home decor products in the next post. So look forward to our Kitsch Mandi!!

FORMS Furniture, The Bombay Store
Photos courtesy The Bombay Store