• 10 Dec '15
  • 9:00 am by Crew

canvas appDeciding paint shades for a space can get tricky. Visualising a color scheme along with deciding the texture can be quite a task. When it comes to designing spaces, the sky is the limit to all that you can do with them. Asian Paint has decided to help with this cumbersome process. Wouldn’t you like it if you could put down your décor ideas and colour palettes onto one place as soon as you thought them up? Asian Paint brings you just that! These is the only platform offering all 1800 colours from Asian Paints spectra fan deck for use and building customised colour combinations.

Usually, the colour scheme of a place inspires us. Like one we’ve just visited on vacation, everyday strolling around or a unique design from your attire? Now you can capture these wonderful shades and hues with the Asian Paints Canvas App, an ideal tool for the visionary colour connoisseur in you. Bringing out your colourful side!

Used widely by Architects and Interior designers it also allows user to build mood boards and select textures from a wide variety of options. Asian paints have different colors for every mood. It is easy to use and puts design more in perspective. You can use textures like brick walls, jute, crushed Paper, metal, wood, linen cloth and bamboo to play with the themes you are working on. Select your favorite inspirational images and make your own mood boards. You also can share your mood boards as a catalogue to show potential or existing clients. It will give them a clearer idea of the look and feel of their space. Playing with color could not get more fun!