The Fantasy realm – The Wishing Chair, New Delhi!

  • 27 Jul '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew

The Wishing Chair, the store in New Delhi’s Shahpur Jat, is every child’s dream. Named after the famous children’s book by Enid Blyton, Vivita Relan has made this story come alive. Designed with the dream in mind, Henry Fanthome, the architect has created just that for The Wishing Chair. From the moment you enter the store space to the little cafe at the back, everything is coherent and part of the story. Henry Fanthome has used varying elements and moods to string one thought together.

The Wishing Chair, The Store
Display Shelves
Shelves against a blackboard wall

From the moment you enter the store, each product has so much personality. The raw wood shelves with the blackboard paint as the backdrop is well executed.
The store is stocked with lots of quirky and adorable products. Interior styling is so important when doing up your home. What I like is that each piece has so much personality that it adds that extra touch to your home.
At the back of the store, a lovely wooden spiral staircase has been placed. Not particularly leading anywhere it is used to display tiny potted plants.
A small cafe has been incorporated in the layout. I love the table runners, a dream map of that fairytale land. Hand painted teapots and cups dot the walls and the ceiling.

The Cafe
Tables with Printed Runners
Uni Cycle Table
Styled with Fairy Lights

An absolutely brilliant architect, Henry Fanthome, completed this project in a span of 3.5 months. Have a look at some of his other projects, also exceptional. I stumbled over his blog and was instantly a fan. If you haven’t seen it as yet I suggest its something you should follow, especially if you are an architect, designer or student. His opinions and thoughts will definitely resonate in your head.

The Wishing Chair Plan

The Wishing Chair, 
86A, Shahpur Jat, 
New Delhi, 
India 110049

+91 011 4657 2121 


Photographs courtesy The Wishing Chair