The Indian, The Greek & The Modern – Planet 3 Studios

  • 27 May '13
  • 10:30 am by Crew
Reception Area

The RPG headquarters had Kalhan Mattoo and Santha Gour Mattoo, Planet 3 Studio redesign the Reception, Recreation & Training spaces. Each area being more radically different from the other. When you enter the reception you are serenaded with a traditional Indian setting. Which forms an extension of the exterior facade of the building. Perfect entrance if you entertain International clients. A large space, high ceiling and ample natural lighting is every designers dream canvas (at least in dense Mumbai!) The windows are a blend between modern glass with Indian Peacock Arches. A small enclosed waiting room is a nice idea, perfect for that quick short meeting. The large central column has been turned into a fountain forming a beautiful marble lotus around. I love water bodies in spaces, the sound of water always seems to have this calming effect over me.

Reception Area
Reception Area

Keeping with the sights, shapes & colors of Greek Architecture, Planet 3 Studio has used curved, smooth shapes, to keep with the natural unstructured shapes. A bright blue door, grey pebbled flooring and white stucco textured walls are the perfect hues. The pebbled flooring has been artificially created. Only parts have been done with actual pebbling. I prefer this as I like the change in texture on the floor.

Recreation Space
Recreation Space
Training Center

The training centre was frozen into a minimal space. Pristine white and cold, straight lined office furniture. What I like is the use of indirect cove lighting running from floor level through the ceiling. It forms a nice optical illusion in this cross section.
All three spaces are so different in style and look yet put together well. Kalhan and Santha Gour Mattoo have also created a lovely compact workstation. Which I am going to share with you very soon. So keep reading!

Photos courtesy Planet 3 Studios