The Kitsch Itch!

  • 8 May '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Time for the round up of my favourite kitsch designs. And yes, there are no rickshaws and taxis. Im completely exhausted seeing those in every print. I’ve been on the look out for unusual graphics and prints that dont need a quirky environment to blend in. Quirky products are the easiest buy especially as home accessories. Many a times a topic of conversation but also to showcase the home owners personality. Like my personal favourite are the Roy Lichtenstein inspired coasters. The real art piece says, “I dont care, I rather die than call Brad for help.” I think that really made an impact on me during my teenage years. The coasters are from the newly launched store, Indian August in New Delhi. The Ganesha pillow covers are new graphics by Play Can. I like the graphics, not like the usual God print that were overdosed a while back. How can I not have some mooch in between all this?! The mooch coffee mug has some hysterical quotes.

This article actually came about at the perfect time. An exhibition dedicated to quirky and unusual products, Quirk Shop. 50 designers under one roof on May 11th to 12th at the World Trade Center, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. You can win funky products from us courtesy Quirk Shop, all you need to do is get 5 of your friends to follow us on facebook & twitter. Thats it! You WIN!
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1.Play Can  2.Play Can  3.The Bombay Store  4.Studio Blaq  5.Poppadum Art  6.Play Can  7.India Circus  8.Indian August  9.Kitsch Mandi Logo