The Madness of No-Mad

  • 24 Jan '14
  • 11:00 am by Crew


From the creator of Bandit Queen, Valerie Barkowski, No-Mad is everything Indian with a twist. As always we love the Photo Shoots. The styling for each shot makes for the most interesting pictures. Unlike what we’re used to seeing in the home decor ads section.  The shoot for Bandit Queen was like No-Mad unique. The former had a more sombre elegance to it. Effortless chic, it represents the concept behind the line. No-Mad uses RED and BLACK, two very strong color, to scream their point. Whether is photoshopping a bull with red dots (representing Nandi, Lord Shivas vehicle of choice) to having a man sprawled across the fabric. The collection is beautifully put together. Ranging from furnishings, candles and Indian accessories. The price points are bit high, but if you fall in love with the concept and product, I guess the splurge is justified.

Let us know what you liked the most. In the meantime enjoy the visuals!  



Photographs via No-Mad