The NEON Party!

  • 21 May '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
Last month we planned a neon party for a close friend. A present from us for her birthday! Exhausting present, I know! Well it was a brunch by the pool on a blazing Sunday. A huge space and a pool to cover. Now unfortunately at that time there were not many ready neon party favors available in the market. So we had to improvise and make do with lots of neon paper & neon ribbons. Starting with the invites, keeping it very simple, we used a black typewriter font throughout. Then laminating the entire invite, so it got a nice shiny credit card look and feel to it. A thin ribbon wrapped along the sides with a regular price sticker for sealing the edges.

Now comes the hard part, the decorations. To cover the large area we fancied streamers out of neon papers. Criss crossing through all the pillars. We found little paper windmills at the Kala Ghoda Festival and stuck them in the soil everywhere. In the lawn patches, in the troughs. It was absolutely delightful to see them spin around with the wind. Traffic cones were decorated in neon ribbons. The most amusing and the biggest attraction were the construction worker jackets. All the boys had them on and it brought the entire party alive. Easy to put on and engaged the guests. Even if they were pushed into the pool, it was safe. As a memory each person took theirs home. It was perfect.
Neon party favors are available more easily now. The other day I saw the prettiest paper neon lanterns. They were tissues ones. You light them and leave them up in the air to fly away. I have seen them being used in white and they looked beautiful. Next time your planning a neon party, this one is a must buy.

Photos courtesy Design Pataki