The Out-of-Box Workstation by Planet 3 Studios!

  • 7 Jun '13
  • 5:50 am by Crew
Out-of-Box Workstation
Planet 3 Studios entered the IIID Godrej Innovation Awards, little did they know that this would help them create great design in the office workspace. The brief mentioned Innovation Awards, it also mentioned modularity, adaptability, flexibility to be used for large or small spaces & for varied end users. Toying with these points they created Out-of-Box Workstation.

For a product to which no innovation has been added for the past 40 years must be a perfect.
Questions in our mind were many – To seek answers we also delved into our own personal experience of having designed over 40 corporate offices till now. The modular workstation is a perfectly functional product fulfilling every requirement of a modern day office. This made them realize that the scope for improvement lay not after workstations are being used but at the time of installation.
Clients especially in India like the BPO sector are looking for just in time capacity additions to existing facilities, some clients need built to suit solutions in timeframes that allow only razor thin margins for error. Hence the task was to achieve design targets without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal . Installation of modular workstations takes roughly 3 weeks on a prepared site with electrical installation . Proposing to cut down that time to 3 days, ambitious yes but a need of the hour.
Out-of-Box Workstation Ready to Use
Side View of Out-of-Box Workstation

Product line expansion is also possible. Each “box” is a component of two worktops, accompanied by necessary components of storage trolley, Cpu trolley and peripherals like pin up boards and white boards all pre fitted at the factory stage.

The module can be wheeled in its proposed location. As the workstation is wheeled in its proposed location, the whole workstation can be unfolded with the help of just one key and ready to use in the first 5 minutes of installation. To save more time further, the flat screens can be factory installed. Castors wheels make this piece easy to transport.

Simple, easy and yet so usefully innovative is what describes this workstation!

Dimensions of Out-of-Box Workstation

Photos courtesy Planet 3 Studios