The Pataki Shopping Mantra

  • 3 Dec '12
  • 4:00 am by Crew

Lots of people keep asking me one question repeatedly, “How do you decide between the unbelievable number of choices?” So we thought we would do an article on ‘The Shopping Mantra’ and hopefully try to make your things easier in those long hunting sprees.
A basic outline on how to go about it –

1. THE CONCEPT – First decide the look and feel of the space. What is your personality? What expresses you the most? Would you like it to be contemporary, modern, art deco or then kitschy. If you are doing minor renovations, try sticking to the existing look. Unless drastic changes are made it is sometimes difficult to change the look.

Rustic Chic

2. COLOR PALETTE – Think of the colors and textures you want. Do you like nudes and neutrals, warmer colors, metallic tones, black and white, all white with bright colors etc.. There are a plethora of colors available. When shopping stick to the colors you have in mind.
Decide furnishings depending on the furniture tones. You don’t want to use very dark colors in a room with dark furniture. Also according to functionality also. We prefer darker colors for dining chairs. In the den area leather is good because of larger use. Living room sofas lighter tones look richer. Large motifs are not used so much. Solid colors are popular this season.

Styled with White
Black & White
Black & White

3. STYLING – Styling is the key to any space. You could have used the best of things but if it is not styled correctly it will not stand out.
Accessories form a very important part of styling. Styling includes everything from the table setting, lamp shades, paintings, photographs, vases to artifacts  These have to be picked very carefully. You have to find the right balance between too much and too little. We have seen lots of people over style and clutter up their homes. Everything piece they own is displayed and put out for view. India is a dusty country. Your poor help at home get tired of dusting everything and god forbid if something falls and crashes. Please minimize the clutter. Keep few but stunning pieces out.
Use a lot of greenery. Try adding some greenery to every space if possible. It will cheer you up and the room. Even cut large palms from the garden outside will look nice.

4. PRICING – Stick to your budget. Do not buy that one piece so expensive that you end up stinging on the rest. We have all been there where ‘ I Just had to! or I fell in love!’ We believe that money and style have nothing in common. There are ways of going around the price barrier. Small DIY projects are a great way of being creative and saving up. Another way of saving up is to always double check prices with two vendors. Then you know the price your getting is correct.

Once you are clear on the above shopping will become easier. You are ready to go hit the stores!