The Retyrement Plan by Anu Tandon Vieira

  • 27 Apr '13
  • 4:00 am by Crew
The Retyrement Plan Furniture

Our love for upcycled products brought us to discover Anu Tandon Vieira’s furniture. Anu emailed us after reading all our articles about up cycling and its importance. The Retyrement Plan is a range of occasional furniture pieces using discarded tyres of all shapes and sizes, woven over with ropes in shimmering plastic waste. Creating beautiful ecologically friendly outdoor seating. Another form, incorporates salvaged wood, cane and bamboo, individually detailed in terms of colour and form using textile waste, twisted into a rainbow of colorful chords! It can be from any Industrial area around us in Mumbai. All are overflowing with plastic, paper, rubber, metal and wood waste that often find it’s way into landfills.
The challenge she says, “lies in converting as many and as much of these into beautiful products that help in enriching our lives.”

What we love the most is, the pieces can be customised, however by the very nature of the material used, each piece is unique. The shapes are organic surfaces that are soft and undulating, working as a perfect canvas for the colors and textures that she loves to work with. Pieces are priced at a steal, between Rs 5,000 – Rs 20,000. We are thinking of getting a black, white and gray, or maybe a neon pouffe. How would you combine it?

Available at:
At-Tin, Mumbai
Dhoop, Mumbai
The Paperboat Collective, Goa
6 Assagao, People Tree, Goa 
Photos courtesy Anu Tandon Vieira