The St+art India Foundation Wave

  • 26 Jan '15
  • 11:00 am by Crew


Dadasaheb Phalke Mural by the Bollywood Art Project, Ranjit Dahiya
A view from the top! Dadasaheb Phalke Mural by the Bollywood Art Project, Ranjit Dahiya


If you live or move around alot in Bandra, then definitely one of these wall murals by the St+art India Foundation must have caught your eye. These fantastic pieces of art have popped up literally over night leaving you awestruck. Reminding me of the good old days when hoardings were hand painted by men who slaved hours in the sun while precariously balancing on a scaffolding. Reviving the art form and bringing much culture to this otherwise mind boggling city. Various artists like Ranjit Dahiya, Pobel, Filthy Luker, Seikon and many others have joined the St+art India Foundation to create mind blowing pieces. South Bombay saw its first, much talked about, installation by Filthy Luker, at the Jindal Mansion on Peddar Road. The tentacle installation definitely added more chaos to the already clogged Peddar Road.

The St+art Project is all set to hit Delhi from February to March 2015. We can only imagine the Dilliwallah’s reaction to this explosion of colour, creativity and culture. Download their calendar to keep track of what is popping up next to you!


Filthy Luker Installation at the Jindal Mansion
Nirvair Nath on Pali Market Road, Bandra
Dome’s mural titled “Coming Home”
Tona for #startmumbai — at Supari Tank School, Bandra Reclamation


Photographs via St+art India Foundation