This 5000 sqft Surat Home Reveals Tales Of Tasteful Regality

  • 14 Apr '22
  • 8:30 am by Aishwarya Kasliwal

A midnight serenade is a piece of music played by one for a beloved. Designed by Eshita Marwah, this 5-BHK apartment in Surat, Gujarat is just that. It’s a melodious harmony that seamlessly strings together an age-old charm and modern-day design sensibilities. An amalgamation of Eshita’s love for blacks, whites, and bold colours, this home is an ode to the old world, with glimpses of the new peeking out from corners and nooks. It’s been “designed to evoke emotions”, she says. Whether it’s the rich jewel tones that act as a recurring theme or the custom-made furniture and tapestry, the abode truly tells a tale of regal opulence.

Grand navy double doors provide entry to the foyer. Packed with punches of style and lined with fresh greens, the foyer leads into an expansive culmination of a living, dining, and seating area.

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
The strategic positioning of media units, rugs, and shapely couches, separate the living, dining, and family seating area. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala. Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

Minimal, muted tones tie the three areas together and striking accents like the brass-detailed scones from Hatsu and ceramic wall plates by Khusboo Madnani act as the perfect finishing touches. Plenty of plants adorn the space, breathing life into it. The client and the designer both agree that the home had to be “transportive, colour coordinated, warm, and welcoming’, something that’s very much achieved through elements like the custom made cushions from Cottons and Satins and rugs from /e, Eshita’s own furniture, lighting, and design studio.

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
The kitchen is sleek, modern, and a testament to minimalism. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

Named after coveted jewels and tones, the remaining rooms adhere to Marwah’s sensibilities wherein the spaces one lives in must be extensions of us and our beliefs. It is this very guiding thought that runs through a larger part of A Midnight Serenade and makes each of the master and guest suites strikingly different from one another. A calm sense of continuity runs through the space – thanks to a thoughtfully curated line-up of furniture and compelling accessories.

Case in point – The Sapphire Room. Owing to the jewel the room is named after, an eclectic blue acts as the defining characteristic of the first master. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind upon seeing the space is the word ‘refined’.

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
From the wooden flooring to the ceiling-to-floor curtains, every aspect of the space adds to its inviting identity. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

Almost all the furniture in the room (and in the rest of the house) has been custom-made on site. Eshita even goes on to tell us that a large chunk of the home makes use of bespoke, designed-on-site pieces to “fit the narrative”. Fine Little Day – Bored by Sofia Lin from The Poster Club hangs above the bed and adds an air of laid-back charm, making the room relaxing and inviting, all at once. A small coffee table from Source Designs is paired with a trusty armchair from Rocking Chair Co. Together, the two prove to be the perfect space for candid conversations. From the elegant lighting by Hatsu to the circular rug from Jaipur Rugs, every article in this room contributes to its contemporary character.

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
Emerald green interiors, subtle browns and an extravagant chandelier make space fit for a royal. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

The Emerald Room is a little bit more broody, in comparison. An ornate chandelier sets a lavish tone that’s supplemented with yet another intricate rug from Jaipur Rugs. A four-poster bed contributes to the kingly ambience that runs rampant in the room. Once again, almost all of the furniture has been crafted by the designer herself and custom-made on site. Behind the bathroom doors, lies a marble marvel. Alabaster marble paired with tiles of deep green make for a symphony like no other and wooden and gold accents instantly elevate the two. A spacious dressing unit is set in front of a mirror, making the space look a whole lot larger!

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
Art from Calcuttan, Art and Found Co., and The Poster Club adds spunk to an otherwise mature space. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar
Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
Achromatic elements, ranging from a statement wall clock to a grand four-poster bed, feature in The Burgundy Room. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

A haven for any guests that might find themselves in The Midnight Serenade, The Burgundy Room plays host to a plethora of stylish silhouettes. From a circular centre table that’s been crafted on-site, to a statement wall clock, the many objects in this room complement each other seamlessly. Though one is printed, and the other a crisp white, the armchair and couch from Gulmohar Lane pair perfectly together and make for a seating area that’s as high on fashion as it is on function.

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
Copious amounts of sunshine spill into The Rust Room, making it seem larger-than-life. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

Unmissable accents in an earthy rust contrast the all-white interiors and furniture of The Rust Room. All the furniture in what’s supposed to be ‘the daughter’s room’ has been crafted on site. Cozy throws and sheer curtains make the window seat the ideal place to spend sunny afternoons and the shelves surrounding the same hold close-to-heart memorabilia. What’s worth noting is that each of the knobs (not just in the room, in the whole home) has been crafted in metal or stone. They’ve been “made locally, again to work with the rest of the design.” says Eshita. Not only this, but The Rust Room, along with a few others in the house, makes use of concealed doors as an entrance to the bathroom. Marwah is a firm believer that “doors should be beautifully designed, or inconspicuous – hide it or highlight it!” Hidden features play peek-a-boo with you, as you make your way from one room to another!

Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
Straight out of a fairytale, The White Castle is an ode to the stories we’ve grown up hearing. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar
Eshita Marwah-Design-Pataki
A playful yet elegant wall hand-painted by Rogan. Image Credits – Ishita Sitwala Styling Credits – Samir Wadekar

Sorbet shades and Crayola colours make their way out of bowls and boxes and find themselves a place in The White Castle. Every child’s dream is realized in the form of a bunk bed; a notch above the regular one, though, with arching entrances, and windows to peek out of! All the furniture has been designed and crafted on-site by /e, which explains just how everything in the room is a celebration of joy, nostalgia, and childhood. Be it the wall that’s been hand-painted by Rogan or the canopy-covered dressing table, every feature of this room sparks true delight.

A culmination of handcrafted accents, swoon-worthy details, and expert craftsmanship, A Midnight Serenade is a testament to timeless design styles that have been elevated with Eshita Marwah’s modern, new-age design sensibilities.