This Inviting 5,500 Sq. Ft. Hyderabad Apartment Makes A Case For Natural Materials And Neutral Hues

  • 13 Feb '24
  • 1:56 pm by Pallavi Mehra

A young couple reached out to designer Anusha Dharmapuri, founder of Anusha Architects to conceptualise the interiors of their 5,500-sq-feet apartment. Located on the 13th floor of a luxurious apartment building in the heart of Hyderabad, the home features expansive windows, lofty ceilings, and a central courtyard. The apartment houses four bedrooms–one of them transformed into a spacious walk-in closet. The abode seamlessly integrates three distinct living areas—a drawing room, a living room, and a family room. The colour palette features neutral tones and subtle hints of grey, creating a cosy and inviting space. Most walls feature a coat of white, complemented by a restrained colour palette that finds companionship in warm veneers, plush upholstery, and hints of grey.

The colour palette features neutral tones and subtle hints of grey, creating a cosy and inviting space. The bench and coffee table are from Solid Bench and the kangaroo armchair is from Phantom Hands. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

“The brief was straightforward, catering to a young couple and their three-year-old son. They desired a home that excelled in functionality across all aspects. The goal was to create a living space that not only exudes aesthetics but also feels inviting and robust, dispelling any notion of it being too delicate to live in,” says Dharmapuri. “The house embraces a unique vibe, marrying neutral tones with a mix of natural materials like wood, metals, linens, and suede. This creates a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere for both dwellers and guests. The design emphasises comfort with tactile elements, while a neutral palette ensures timeless appeal. Overall, it’s a stylish and versatile space that balances warmth and modernity,” she adds.

The dining area’s allure emanates from Burma-fluted panels adorning one wall, introducing an element of opulence. The bubble chandelier is from Luminary Studio and the dining table and chairs are from Seating World. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

Upon crossing the threshold, a striking central courtyard greets visitors, adorned with Bangalore tiles and lush greenery. Sheer curtains envelop the dining and living areas, casting a gentle, natural glow that enhances the serene ambiance. A sliding fluted glass pocket door demarcates the drawing and living space, preserving visual continuity between the two areas while allowing privacy as needed. Sunlight bathes the apartment in its gentle glow, and the restrained colour palette finds companionship in warm veneers, plush upholstery, and hints of grey. Notably, significant structural changes were implemented, especially in the kitchen area. Originally, it was compartmentalised into a compact wet and dry kitchen. Still, following the client’s preferences, the designers opted to integrate them into a unified, stylish, and spacious kitchen.

The custom-made kitchen exhibits subdued grey and black tones with a touch of Burma veneer. Durable granite tops are both functional and stylish. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

The drawing room is decorated using understated colour tones, incorporating subtle touches of modern and classical art. These artistic additions serve to enhance the room’s contemporary ambiance and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The dining area’s allure emanates from Burma-fluted panels adorning one wall, introducing an element of opulence. A ceramic-topped dining table, resplendent in obsidian black and a bubble chandelier commands attention as a statement piece. The living room is a light-filled functional space with a blue L-shaped sofa, a maroon accent chair, and an arresting gallery wall. Additionally, the family room showcases a den-like ambiance with grey walls and wooden flooring.

The family room exhibits a den-like ambiance with grey walls and wooden flooring. The sofa and bar unit are custom-made, the chair is from Phantom Hands, the rug is from JAVI Home and the pillows are from Altrove. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

“The accent chair and the art cluster in a monochromatic palette with gold leaf adorned on the wall in the living room is the main focal feature. The artist—BP Sarkar’s depiction of street vendors is incredibly authentic,” mentions Dharmapuri. “Moreover, for the family room, the clients desired a cosy atmosphere for this space, distinct from the other lounge areas in the house. To cater to all age groups during leisure time, we discreetly concealed the bar unit, as this room was intended for family gatherings,” adds ​​Anusha.

(L) The primary bedroom is a tranquil haven with bedding from Altrove, accessories from Nicobar, and a custom-made bed and side tables. (R) The guest bedroom houses a custom-made bed and side tables, bedding from Altrove, and an armchair from Phantom Hands. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

Cosy Cocoons 

In the bedrooms, serenity reigns supreme, with veneer accents lending an air of luxury. The primary bedroom exhibits a warm vibe with Burma teak wood elements, infusing tranquillity in every corner. The guest bedroom was designed with a focus on providing an inviting atmosphere for elderly parents during their visits. The intention was to create a comforting environment that embraces them with familiarity. Furthermore, the inclusion of window seating was a deliberate choice to offer them a spot to relax, stretch out while reading, and enjoy the scenic views outside.

The playful yet practical child’s bedroom features a custom-made bed and a cantilevered mini desk. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

“The interior design of the three-year-old’s bedroom room prioritises both practicality and flexibility with designated areas for sleeping, playing, and studying. Storage cabinets were strategically placed at a low height, allowing the child easy access to his toys without constant assistance. In addition, the room’s layout was kept versatile to adapt as the child grows, and a low bed was chosen for safety as the child will be sleeping independently,” remarks Anusha Dharmapuri.

(L) The primary walk-in closet houses bespoke shutters and a Chandelier from Luminary Studio. (R) The puja room has fluted Burma panels from Kulture Interior Infra. Image Credit: Nayan Soni

Biophilic Design

Numerous green features are seamlessly integrated into the home, emphasising sustainability. This home’s interiors showcase sustainable luxury design. It incorporates eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions while maintaining high sophistication and luxury. In addition to the focus on sustainability, the abode is conceptualised with open and flexible floor plans, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Expansive windows, sliding glass doors, and a central courtyard contribute to a seamless connection with nature, enabling the inhabitants to enjoy abundant natural light, fresh air, and stunning views.