Walters Coffee Roastery – The Breaking Bad way

  • 5 Aug '15
  • 9:00 am by Crew



Walters Coffee Roastery is the new hip place in Istanbul, turkey. If you love ‘Breaking Bad’ then this place is definitely on list of your must go to places. If the yellow jumpers didn’t already give it away, themed around the popular show Breaking Bad, everything gives you the Walter & Jesse experience. The pop culture influenced design is taken well beyond limitations. The owner, Deniz Kosan, evidently a big fan of the show, has been careful not to use any copyright material.

A science lab with everything chemically quirky. Designed with a sterile laboratory environment, but yet there is something warm about the space. Maybe its the accessories used throughout the coffee shop that has everyone going cutesy aww at the same time. From drinks that are served in lab beakers to their meth cupcakes, even the coffee roasters are designed to look like Walter’s chemical tanks. The periodic table spreads across the main wall. Simple chairs and industrial lights blended with a hint of sunflower yellow make way for a cheerful atmosphere. Walters Coffee Roastery definitely is ‘addictive’, don’t you think?

Inside Walters Coffee Roastery, The Periodic Table
Rock Candy for ‘Meth’ Cupcakes!
Walter Bobble Head
Filter Coffee Anyone?
The Barista Counter


Photographs via Walter’s Coffee Roastery