World Yoga Day 2022: Our Top Lifestyle And Decor Picks

  • 21 Jun '22
  • 12:49 pm by Aishwarya Kasliwal

For many of us – if not as a way to slow down and unwind then as an excuse to incorporate athleisure into our sartorial choices – Yoga has found its way into our lives. Amidst tree poses and downward dogs, the 5000 year-old wellness practice has solidified its place in our daily routines and with its origin in ancient Ayurveda, it’s most certainly here to stay. Whether you’re someone that’s looking to strengthen their core or simply someone that’s looking for an excuse to indulge in self care, in celebration of World Yoga Day, here’s everything worth adding to your cart and your Asana routine –

1. Soothing Scented Candles – Veedaa

The right scent works wonders for when you’re trying to unwind. Image credits – Veeda

A scented candle is one of the easiest ways to foray into the world of self care. For someone that practices Yoga daily, the right blend of scents can be transformative in creating atmospheres of relaxation, concentration, and motivation. This fresh, floral scent in particular helps you unwind and strengthen focus all at once.

2. Air Purifying Plants – Plant People 

Low-maintenance plants rank high on our wishlist. Image credits – Plant People

If you’re the type of Yoga practitioner who has a dedicated space or studio, consider lining it with greens that will help cleanse the air. Not only will this create a space that’s relatively free of toxins, it will also make your studio a lot more fresh and lively. Our tip? Use this as an opportunity to add a set of chic, sculptural planters to your space.

3. Fragrant Incense Sticks – Vata Living

Incense sticks are a great way to add a spiritual sensibility to your space. Image credits – Vata Living, via Amala Earth

Incense sticks aren’t limited to occasions or rituals. An easy addition to your practice, you can light one when you’re beginning your routine. Incense sticks require minimal attention and last quite long.

4. Cork Yoga Blocks – Dvaar

Crafted from cork, these Yoga blocks are worth the weight. Image credits – Dvaar

If you’re not a novice and are well acquainted with conventional yoga blocks, consider switching to this eco-friendly alternative. Crafted from cork, they get the job done! They’re minimal, sustainable, and range from lightweight to heavy.

5. Sustainable Yoga Mat – Kosha Yoga

Sustainable mats that are high on functionality and style are what we’re investing in. Image credits – Kosha Yoga

These mats are a testament to the fact that a product can be both sustainable and on-trend! A combination of fashion and functionality, they come in a range of colours, prints, and patterns. Have one handy for when you’re indulging in a floor routine.

6. Earthy Water Carafe – Ellementry

A durable water carafe to quench your mid-workout thirst. Image credits – Ellementry

Contemporary earthenware is an absolute must-have if you’re into conscious fitness! With a terracotta water carafe, you’re choosing the eco-friendly way to stay hydrated in style.

7. Unique Wooden Speakers – ObjectryYoga-Day-Design-Pataki

Perfect to play soul music through. Image credits – Objectry

Do you need to listen to music when you’re working out? Skip the generic audio equipment and make a statement with this portable wooden speaker for when you need to play your soul tunes loud and proud.

8. Luxurious Reed Diffusers – West Elm

Reed diffusers typically last quite long . Image credits – West Elm

Indulge in the best in aromatherapy by splurging on a trusted reed diffuser! These are especially great for those that aren’t comfortable with open flames that come with scented candles. Use reed diffusers to transform your Yoga studio into a haven that’s ambient and ultra-calming.

9. Cosy Floor Cushions – Amber Stitch

Floor cushions are especially helpful for when you require lower back support. Image credits – Amber Stitch

A comfortable floor cushion can be the ideal companion for any one whose aim is to rid themselves of back aches and pains via Yoga. You can use yours to support your lower back while practising floor routines. We’re fans of intricate floral prints in toned down colours.

10. A Coffee Table Book – Amala Earth

Explore the intricacies of Tibetan Yoga with this detailed coffee table book. Image Credits – Amala Earth

A coffee table book that sheds light on the world of Tibetan Yoga is a great way to dip your toes into the Ayurvedic practice instead of diving in head first. It’s informative and can help prepare you for what might be in store. Not to mention, a sleek coffee table book can instantly elevate your space!