Würfel Küche — Paving A New Era Of Customised Kitchens in India

  • 3 Dec '18
  • 9:30 am by Payal Mohta

Hand- sculpted kitchen panel from ‘My Story’

Few will disagree that what undisputedly binds Indian families is food. Even the globe-trotting millennials after indulging in the latest culinary trends will at a point sooner or later crave for a home-cooked meal. It’s not just the taste they are longing for, but the spices of love infused with nostalgia in a familiar setting. Yet, that very space that allows us this blissful experience usually becomes the last one to be imagined and is often at the mercy of design indifferent.
Würfel Küche, India’s fastest grown modular kitchen and wardrobe brand, is here to change that with their dedication to customised kitchens. One which goes beyond the functional and aspires for an identity of its own.
Their aesthetics are a diverse mix of minimalism, opulence and vibrant designs conceived by their team of highly experienced, multicultural professionals from across India and Europe. It is these design connoisseurs who come together to create a culturally diverse work environment that thrives on knowledge sharing and a common vision of making Würfel Küche a part of every home.
Yet, they escape the generic and strive for the personal. To give Indian kitchens the intimacy they deserve their new project “MyStory” allows the kitchen— perhaps for the first time in the history of design— to take the role of a canvas. The kitchen design is then hand-sculpted to represent the life of the homeowner through personal artistic inspirations.  
Hand- sculpted kitchen panel from ‘My Story’

The brand isn’t just all show without substance. Würfel Küche has also revolutionised the Indian modular kitchen industry by providing consumers with products that are directly sourced from Europe and assembled in their state-of-the-art centre in India. To ensure that they abide by quality, service, durability and value; the four pillars of their business practice they have achieved unmatched parameters as compared to usual industry standards. This includes 0.5mm tolerance, 30 days delivery and 10 years warranty amongst others.
It is this very uncompromising quality and insatiable appetite for innovation that has allowed Würfel Küche to open 28 stores across India and they will also soon be present in three international destinations – Qatar, Oman and Sri Lanka. Moreover, Würfel Küche aims to reach more than 100 showrooms in the next three years. An ambition that their obsession with perfection will surely allow them to reach.
Vibrant Aesthetics.

At Design Pataki, we see Würfel Küche as designers who don’t just see your kitchen as just another part of your home. They see it as a space that brings people together. A space where family values are nurtured, bonds are strengthened and memories are created. They believe the kitchen is the heart of your home.
So if you’re looking for a new state-of-the-art kitchen or upgrading your existing one, you know where to look!
Minimalistic Kitchen.

Photographs courtesy Würfel Küche.
This is a sponsored post by Würfel Küche.