Brutalist Architecture, Mythological Aura, And New-Age Ideas Take Over This New Delhi Store

  • 13 Feb '24
  • 2:29 pm by Sana Chohan

When fashion escapes the guise of mere accessorization and architecture metamorphoses into a pulsating movement, a novel narrative takes shape. This is precisely the enchanting essence encapsulated within the confines of the Almost Gods store in Dhan Mill, New Delhi—a world within a world.

Almost Gods, founded by Dhruv Khurana, has etched its presence in the design realm and offers an immersive shopping experience since its inception in 2018. This luxury streetwear label births an abstract concept, embodying a sense of individual supremacy. Seamlessly interweaving fashion with history, mythology, and cultural nuances, the brand breathes new life into contemporary streetwear, capturing timelessness through its quintessential narrative. Drawing influences from the past and infusing a potent sense of self for the future, Almost Gods has mastered the art of embracing the divine within oneself.

Almost Gods’ second store at Dhan Mill marks a daring departure from the ordinary with its landmark identity. Image Credits: Team Almost Gods

While the garments could easily be described as wearable art, the narrative of power they convey is symbolically translated into the iconic body of the Dhan Mill store, conceptualised by the Almost Gods design team. Anchored in a brutalist philosophy that champions the power of honesty, the store’s façade ingeniously embodies this ethos through the brilliance of Delhi-based experiential designer, Aaquib Wani. ‘Almost Gods’ philosophy of power as a temple radiates through every architectural nuance, giving life to our unique identity,” Wani explains. His mission was to rupture the monotony of conventional store facades and forge a distinctive identity for this establishment. Manipulating spatial dimensions with finesse, a spherical recess carved from a flat cuboid draws the viewer inside the store. The central semicircle not only carves out a communal space but also extends a warm embracing hub, ushering in a dynamic perspective of community and creativity.

In tune with the brand’s perpetual exploration of global power symbols from history and mythology, a mythical creature designed by Almost Gods founder, Dhruv Khurana, in collaboration with Studio Ordonnance takes centre stage. Image Credits: Team Almost Gods

While the clothing pieces beckon with intricate details, the upscale drama permeating the air becomes an unmissable feature of the interiors designed by Studio Ordonnance. At the heart of the store, a larger-than-life mythical creature reigns supreme, extending a striking welcome upon entry. The store embodies the essence of a community not only through its display pieces but also in every nook and cranny. As though the identity has seeped into the very surfaces of the space, the furniture, paintings, decor, and installations hypnotically mirror the Almost Gods movement. In contrast to the bold exteriors, the monochromatic interior presents itself as a canvas for the striking works of art adorning its walls.

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The monochromatic interior lends its contemporary surfaces to the striking works of wearable art. Image Credits: Team Almost Gods

This immersive experience envelops the viewer in a sensorial shift. The hand-embroidered abstract art on the Black Painted pieces by the artistic genius Vikash Kalra celebrates Indian handwork, craftsmanship, and opulence. These collections directly communicate with the unique and inexpressible identities of the new generation and physically mark these ideas across the store through various installations and artworks. The gleaming Alpha Cross artwork, crafted entirely in copper in collaboration with Kalra, resonates with ancient symbols of power, dominance, and leadership.

Vikash Kalra’s artistic prowess extends beyond fabrics, transforming into tangible art markers through mesmerizing copper artwork. Image Credits: Team Almost Gods

With refreshing motifs, whether on fabric or in the spatial layout, the store truly redefines the conventional shopping experience, elevating it to a communal journey. While the fabrics and accessories articulate the brand’s desire for a profound narrative, the space stands as a lighthouse for wandering souls aspiring to join the higher intention of reaching the epitome of their identities within the Almost Gods narrative.

Beyond mere garments, the ideology and artistic essence of the collections permeate the furniture and décor, which weaves together a truly immersive experience. Image Credits: Team Almost Gods

A trailblazer in the fashion movement, the silhouettes and surfaces of the Dhan Mill store perpetually fuel the far-reaching essence of the brand’s distinctive identity.