Tira Beauty’s New Office In Mumbai Is An Ode To Skin Redefining The Workspace

  • 13 Sep '23
  • 2:44 pm by Manisha AR

Tira Beauty’s new office, inspired by skin, opens its doors in Bandra, Mumbai. Helmed by Isha Ambani, the beauty market gets its newest contender this year. While the brand has a pan-India presence it is headquartered in Mumbai at the moment. From opening a store to announcing their collaboration with Bollywood’s celebrities–Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani and Suhana Khan– to unveiling their office design, they’ve had a busy year so far. The Tira Beauty Office transitions seamlessly from individual workspaces to photoshoot bays with plenty of room for collaboration zones.

A collection of objects in various shades of skin are almost a metaphor for blank canvas in beauty. The carpets have been sourced from Milliken & Company and flooring from Classic Marble Company
(Image credits: Ultraconfidentiel, Caleb Ming)

It is spread across two floors in BKC, the curved shape of the office combined with suspended rail curtains across the various zones make these transitions functional or luxe depending on the mood of the day. Staying true to the brand’s identity of youth and vibrance, the team at Ultraconfidentiel Designs has been “one that is inclusive and one that harbours the mission of becoming the most loved beauty brand in India.

The design team has worked with a global and Indian blend of brands to bring to life their vision for a minimalist and modern look. The team worked with Burosys to curate their selection of furniture from Scandinavian brand Muuto and Danish brand +Halle for their interiors. The design team has also worked with Hybec for light and Sonic for the partition systems.

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All of the lighting sourced from Hybec Lighting and partition system from Sonic to help the office transition seamlessly from work to play mode. (Image credits: Ultraconfidentiel, Caleb Ming)

Backed by India’s largest retailer, Reliance Retail Limited, Tira strives to be an omnichannel platform for all things beauty. The fluidity of the space is a reflection of the brand’s goals to be one smooth operation from virtual to in-person retail shopping. The office space is rooted in beauty concepts like the skin, texture, the different layers, softness and most importantly imperfections.

The pastel walls serve as a blank canvas for the team that works hard behind the scenes at Tira Beauty. Meanwhile the curvature of the space, the organic forms of the furniture and decor pieces and the curved ceiling create a cascading effect. This complements nicely against the brass and white toned fixtures to create fluidity within the space.

The plush couches, the modern tables and other soft furnishing has been sourced from Burosys, Muuto and +Halle. (Image credits: Ultraconfidentiel, Caleb Ming)

The layout has been conceptualised keeping women at the heart of the thought process. Inspired by the Greek glyph symbolising women, the designers have used the symbol for plan the zoning and organisation of space. Using the symbol to guide their layout, they designed the space to radiate power from the centre and expand gradually. At its center sits the conference room putting collaborations at its core. This conference room is surrounded by a reception lounge, meeting rooms, and employee work zones in clockwise order.

The space also includes a creche and cafeteria that can easily transition into a zone for breakout sessions, collaborations, and conversations. This layout has also been used on the second floor of Tira Beauty office’s. Located a few floors above the main office, on the 8th floor is more of a staging area. With a conference room at its core, this time surrounded by a lounge area with product display, bays for photoshoots, and make up stations— all alongside a terrace to replace the glass windows from the previous floor.

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The office space is rooted in beauty concepts like the skin, texture, the different layers, softness and most importantly imperfections. Furnishing has been sourced from Burosys, Muuto and +Halle. (Image credits: Ultraconfidentiel, Caleb Ming)

Tira Beauty’s office is the embodiment of the brand’s vision for customers. With a young, playful, and vibrant office space, the beauty company is embracing contemporary beauty with gusto. Keeping inclusivity and imperfections in mind, the space is designed to expand conversations around beauty and change the face of cosmetic marketing in India.