Elegant Minimalism, Natural Materials, And Clean Forms—A Light-filled Clubhouse In Ghaziabad

The aesthetically pleasing Oakwood Club in Ghaziabad, conceptualised by New Delhi-based Ultraconfidentiel Design, beautifully marries visually arresting furnishings with a contemporary minimalist design style.

  • 24 May '24
  • 1:54 pm by Pallavi Mehra

Leading New Delhi-based architectural firm Ultraconfidentiel Design recently conceptualised the interiors and architecture of a 3,000-square-foot clubhouse in Ghaziabad. Their vision was to create an avant-garde facility that would represent luxury within a high-end residential township. The elegant clubhouse encompasses several amenities, including indoor and outdoor recreational areas, private lounges, wellness, and grooming spaces, and venues for gatherings.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-01
An open-to-sky poolside seamlessly integrating indoor and outdoor spaces. The deck flooring is by Fab Rich and the facade glazing is by Shankar Glass and Fenestration. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

The Oakwood Clubhouse project included significant modifications to the façade and terrace extensions. The new façade boasts towering arched fenestrations that provide an aesthetic appeal and ensure ample natural light penetration, maintaining architectural unity and coherence throughout the building. Moreover, the terrace extensions were strategically designed to create additional outdoor spaces that blend seamlessly with the indoor amenities, enhancing the overall functionality and visual feel of the clubhouse.


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Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-02
Tailor-made directional and location signage guide the users across the expansive clubhouse effortlessly. The sign is from Xenon Signage, the lighting is by Ankur Lighting and the furniture is from Globo Source. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Serene Elegance 

“The theme of the clubhouse centres on serene elegance, achieved through a fusion of soft minimalist design and luxurious details. This concept is embodied in the use of a calming colour palette of pastel hues and pristine white marble, which create a tranquil atmosphere. Elegance is woven into the design through architectural elements like arches, vaults, and fluted panelling, which add timeless sophistication. Rose-gold accents highlight key features, introducing a subtle yet refined luxury,” mentions Pierre Arnaud CASSIN, CEO and Managing Director of Ultraconfidentiel Design.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-03
A view of the central corridor as a transition space between the reception and pool. The reception table and sliding doors are by SA Associates. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Aesthetically Pleasing Yet Functional 

Upon arriving, visitors are greeted by an elegant porch that sets the tone for the sumptuous space inside. Walking through the entrance, guests find themselves in the reception area, which houses a monolithic reception table finished in stylish rose gold. From the reception, there is a direct view of the tranquil swimming pool, offering a glimpse of the serenity that awaits within the clubhouse.


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Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-04
The entrance to the wellness spa is adorned with a Buddha sculpture. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

To the right of the reception, a corridor leads to a double-height squash court, where the expansive vertical space enhances the sporting experience. Adjacent to the squash court is a colourful kid’s play zone, conceptualised to engage the youngest visitors. Further along is the wellness spa, a paradise for relaxation and rejuvenation. To the left of the central corridor, guests will find the banquet hall, an expansive venue designed to host community gatherings and events. This space is perfect for celebrations and functions, providing a versatile space for residents.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-05
The kid’s play area is designed to engage and delight the users while maintaining the clubhouse’s minimalist aesthetic. The wooden structure is from Nikhil Decor and lighting from Ankur Lighting. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

State-of-the-art Amenities 

On the first floor, the clubhouse features a range of private lounges, ideal for intimate gatherings, or quiet relaxation. The gymnasium, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, offers a welcoming space for residents. In addition, a multi-purpose hall on this floor can host yoga classes and community meetings.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-06
The state-of-the-art gymnasium offers a panoramic view of the pool. Its rubber flooring is from Fab Rich and wooden flooring is from Action Tesa. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Ascending to the second floor, guests will discover a well-appointed indoor gaming room featuring billiards and table tennis tables. A cards room caters to board games enthusiasts, while an AV room offers a space for entertainment and media. The second floor also houses the clubhouse’s restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor seating options. This dining area provides an upscale dining experience, enabling guests to indulge in meals in a chic and inviting setting. 


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Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-07
The gymnasium features a terracotta space divider and gym equipment from Techno Gym. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Material Palette 

The material palette of the clubhouse is a harmonious blend of luxurious and natural elements. The floors are adorned with pristine white marble, creating a sleek and elegant foundation throughout the space. The walls feature a sophisticated texture paint complemented by fluted panelling, adding depth and tactile quality to the interiors. Rose gold liquid metal finish accents are used strategically, infusing a warm metallic sheen that highlights architectural features and adds a contemporary touch. Oak wood is employed to introduce a natural, warm element, balancing the sleekness of the marble and metal. For acoustic comfort, fabric panelling is incorporated, ensuring a serene and pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, custom terracotta screen space dividers serve as both practical partitions and artistic elements, elevating the overall visual language while maintaining an open and airy feel.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-08
A view of the bar counter in the clubhouse’s restaurant. The chairs are from ​​Globo Source and the counter, wall paint, PU work and door are by SA Associates. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Minimalistic and Luxurious

“Our design philosophy is rooted in minimalism, emphasising the use of fewer materials and finishes to create elegant and functional spaces. The Oakwood Clubhouse is a perfect embodiment of this philosophy. A standout aspect that showcases our signature style is the reception area. With its monolithic reception table in a rose-gold finish, this space immediately sets the tone for the clubhouse’s sophisticated and minimalist design. Using the axial view of the pool adjacent to the reception area to the project’s advantage exemplifies our commitment to creating seamless indoor-outdoor transitions, enhancing the spatial quality and experience,” adds Pierre Arnaud CASSIN of Ultraconfidentiel Design.

Elegant-Minimalism-Natural-Materials-And-Clean-Forms-A Light-filled-Clubhouse-in-Ghaziabad-Design-Pataki-09
A view of the squash court at the clubhouse. The ceiling woodwork by SA Associates and the wooden flooring and glass are by Frogg Sports. Image credit: Studio Noughts & Crosses

Green Features

The Oakwood Clubhouse incorporates several green features reflecting Ultraconfidentiel’s commitment to environmental sustainability. One of the standout elements is the use of texture paint, a 100% natural product with no VOC content. This eco-friendly paint contributes to better indoor air quality and boasts anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, promoting a healthier environment.

In addition to the texture paint, the clubhouse design includes other natural materials such as wood, terracotta, and stone. These materials also enhance the project’s climate-conscious approach. Wood and terracotta, for instance, offer excellent thermal properties, helping to regulate indoor temperatures naturally. The use of stone further emphasises durability and sustainability, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance. Together, these materials contribute to a design that is beautiful and environmentally responsible, ensuring the Oakwood Clubhouse is a space that supports the well-being of its users and the planet.