Embracing The Curve: Three Homes That Champion The Curved Furniture Trend

  • 31 Oct '23
  • 12:07 pm by Schenelle Dsouza

A raging trend in the 70s, curved furniture is making a strong comeback. Paying homage to organic forms, the design trend is characterised by smooth lines, soft contours, and rounded edges that showcase a departure from the rigid, straight lines of the past. Their soft, flowing forms introduce a new level of comfort and sophistication to interiors whilst creating a harmony of shapes and textures that pair well with a contemporary modern home.

The appeal of curved furniture goes well beyond its aesthetic. The fluid, round shapes, and curved lines are often associated with a sense of calm, making any home feel like a haven when compared to homes with more rigid designs. Here are three homes that champion the curved furniture trend. Each home embraces the curved trend in different ways offering ideas about the best kind of pieces to choose and how best to style them.

#1 The Tailored Home by Sparc Design

The Tailored Home is a great example of the curved furniture trend, as it showcases a maximum use of curvature. Apart from furniture, the home employs a series of curved silhouettes that enhance the trend by complementing the curved pieces. This is most visible in the living room where soft, rounded junctions harmonise the space.

The veneered walls in the living room feature a vaulted detail along with a series of brass lights that delicately trace the outline of the curve. (Image Credit: Kuber Shah)

The tan veneered walls feature a vaulted detail that curves around the top with soft curves cutting through at every intersection; this promotes a seamless connection from one room to the next. The living room is filled with curved details like a curved seating arrangement decked in soft grey; a striking centre table, a chevron-printed ottoman, and matching chairs to break the monotony of the grey tones in the room, as do the custom-designed brass wave lights. A mix and match of elements, colours, and textures can be tricky, but when pulled off well, can add detail to the curved design theme.

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The couch is complemented by statement chevron chairs and a matching ottoman from Sanjar Furniture. The customized rug and wave light fittings were both sourced from Sparc Design. (Image Credit: Kuber Shah)
The skin tone of the bed coupled with the rounded silhouette. (Image Credit: Kuber Shah)

Curved bed frames are another great way that Sparc has used to engage in the trend. The children’s bedrooms in the Tailored Home feature a mix of round and geometric-shaped bed frames paired with subtle rounded pieces like a bedside vase and curved cabinets. The beds are paired against deep-coloured walls which helps draw attention to the rounded silhouette. Alternatively, contrasting tones have been used instead of deep hues that still maintain a focus on the soothing round shapes in the room.

A deep-toned wall creates an intriguing contrast with the rounded bed frame. The curved black vase from Laavendur and the arch above the study table highlight the geometric undertones of the room. (Image Credit: Kuber Shah)

#2 TR Villa by Studio Arch

The curved design trend is often paired with minimalist, contemporary settings to help accentuate the simplicity of the space with sophisticated elements. The TR Villa presents a visually endearing space decked in a soothing palette of colours. The furniture is the central point of the curved design trend and is fashioned in calming neutral tones, except for the living room, which comes to life with two brown boucle chairs.

Boucle was the fabric of choice for the seating for the seating in the house. All of the pieces in the living and sitting rooms were sourced from OC Homes and Homes r Us. (Image Credit: Justin Sebastian)

The sitting room above the living room uses a similar palette of neutral colours which softens the curved theme. The grey Perry Sofa is paired with a striking dual coffee table giving the space a soft, rounded aesthetic. Another section of the sitting room uses an all-black and white theme. Since boucle fabric pairs well with curved furniture, the TR Villa uses the fabric extensively throughout the home.

The dining room and the sitting area have a similar tone. The dining area uses a dark wood surface top dining table with a selection of oak wood chairs that use white boucle fabric from Leanne Ford. On the other side of the table is a striking wooden bench, designed in-house, crafted using waste wood and a moulded metal plate. The sitting room also uses a contrast of black and white decor, setting a monochromatic tone for the room.

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The sitting and dining rooms both feature white boucle fabric furniture from OC Homes and ‘MAZZ’ chairs by designer Leanne Ford respectively with contrasting dark-toned decor pieces. (Image Credit: Justin Sebastian)

#3 Layers Of Life by Studiorachana369

While the curved furniture trend is all about incorporating curved pieces like couches and chairs, one can begin with more subtle selections of furniture. The Layers of Life home opts for subtlety with curated pieces that showcase smooth, rounded lines, which still counts as an example of the curved furniture trend, but light on the eyes.

Statement furniture and decor pieces adorn the space within the living room. The multi-toned cabinet was designed in-house; it complements the colours of the Kuka Home chairs and black and white rug from Jaipur Rugs. (Image Credit: Nilkanth Bharucha)

The furniture comprises sharp, statement pieces that are complemented by soft, rounded pieces. The living room, for instance, features captivating pieces like some plush olive green chairs, a geometric rug, and an intriguing wallpaper designed by Rogán Designs. A rounded cabinet at the far end of the hall ties up all the pieces together. It not only brings in an element of the curved furniture trend, but it harmonizes the decor in the room with a matching theme and colour. On the other side of the room, the designers cleverly included an intriguing wall design decked in gold to stand out against the sharp details in the room.

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Apart from furniture the home uses dramatic wall fixtures to elevate the curved design aesthetic. The regal mirror in the kitchen was designed by Studiorachana369 and produced by Lucky Glass. (Image Credit: Nilkanth Bharucha)

The dining room shows more obvious instances of the trend, with statement art pieces complementing the space. The multi-layered geometric mirror is a definite conversation starter. The marble top table is supported by round, gradient wooden legs paired with brown curved chairs from Trezure Furniture. The table top was sourced from Classic Marble Company and Studiorachana369 added the legs. Other smaller pieces like curved decorative bowls, a striking black vase from Westside Home, and colourful artwork bring out an element of playfulness to the room.

An elegant brass plate from Rogán Designs breaks from the room’s dewy, grey monotone.  (Image Credit: Nilkanth Bharucha)

The master bedroom like the rest of the house has much softer curved details, with subtle architectural curves and a handful of rounded pieces shaping the space. The wall behind the bed is textured with debossed, asymmetrically layered arches, and a hand-painted brass plate that adds a pop of colour. In contrast to this room, the children’s bedroom uses an artistic blend of curved designs and geometric forms that make it stand out from the rest of the home. The curved headboard made with more round forms is eye-catching.

The crafty headboard by Rogán Designs and the round cushioned chair by the study table bring geometric detail to the curved design trend.  A tan brown cabinet designed in-house helps brighten up the room. (Image Credit: Nilkanth Bharucha)