Inside The 22,000 Sq. Ft Stone House In Jaipur Echoes The Spirit Of Rustic Spanish Design

  • 17 Apr '24
  • 1:11 pm by Vatsala Sethi

The Stone House in Jaipur is an eight-bedroom architectural marvel that draws inspiration from the rugged elegance of ancient Spanish architecture fused with modern elements. The clients sought the AKFD multidisciplinary design company to build a home in Jaipur that combined old-world charm and contemporary elegance. The principal designers, Ayush Kasliwal, Charvi Kasliwal, and Sidharth Sharma, were faced with the challenge of catering to the varying lifestyles and choices of family members, ultimately bringing to life a structure with diverse aesthetics in a 22,000 sq. home with clear distinction of private and guest spaces.

The entrance foyer’s mid-century architecture creates a regal and cosy atmosphere with marble flooring with brass inlays, AKFD furniture, and Light and You lighting fixtures. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

The entrance foyers have a mid-century, regal aesthetic that gives the house a warmth akin to holiday seasons at home with inviting atmospheres. An antique console table and a wooden mirror cabinet add depth to the entry foyer’s décor. Directional marble flooring is accentuated with brass inlay, the walls are Asian Paints‘ opulent hues that add to the vintage feel, and the furniture combines pieces from AKFD Studio to allude to the air of rustic elegance infused in the home. 

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Open, bright formal living area with access to a courtyard features an AKFD Drift Table, Iqrup and Ritz lighting fixtures and Anantaya decor. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

Connected to the courtyard through an open glass wall, the formal living room features hand-worked monolithic stone. Working with sustainability principles, architects Sharad and Sangeeta Maithel opted for the local Khatu yellow sandstone instead of imported stones as it is easily available in the area and a typical feature of many traditional Rajasthani dwellings and AKFD Studio incorporated and celebrated the stone throughout the interiors. The stone is widely used as cladding on the internal and external walls of the home’s public facades. The sophisticated table lamps from Iqrup and Ritz perfectly harmonise with the neutral colour scheme. The marble flooring, featuring brass inlays, adds a layer of luxury to the space, providing warmth and comfort to the otherwise cold environment. The drapes exclusively designed by Tulio complement the room’s overall aesthetic, enhancing its beauty and elegance. Tall windows bring in abundant natural light that maintains a connection to the outdoors even when the front door is shut. These elements align to create a harmonious and balanced room – a visual treat!

The informal living area is a stark contrast to the formal living area, with its sleek, modern furniture featuring a Noguchi sofa, Taurus chairs by AKFD, art by Shrishti Rana, drapes by Tulio, Rug by Hands and a minimal lounge chair by BoConcept, well illuminated by Adriano Rachele’s floral light. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

The formal and informal living areas on the ground floor create a dramatic contrast. In the informal living room, you’ll find contemporary and sleek furniture designed by AKFD Studio and BoConcept, adorned with vivid and fluid artwork that brings the room to life. As one steps into the formal living room, their attention will be immediately drawn to the magnificent centrepiece – an enormous floral light designed by Adriano Rachele. The warm glow from the light creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with family. The light is perfectly complemented by the luxurious golden drape curtains by Tulio, which add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. The rug complements the art enhancing the water theme. The drapes and rugs exclusively designed by Tulio complement the room’s overall aesthetic, enhancing its beauty and elegance. Tall windows bring in abundant natural light that maintains a connection to the outdoors even when the front door is shut.

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The bar patio features AKFD’s Fold lounge chair and Fold centre table, with the bar unit strategically positioned in the corner, flaunting a sleek zinc-clad counter, decor by Anantaya, and lighting by Hybec. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

A small bar is located near the seating area to make hosting people easy. Tucked away in the corner, the bar is distinguished by zinc cladding on the counter with decor by Anantaya. The combination of rough accent walls, contemporary AKFD furnishings, and Hybec lighting creates a striking and unique ambience. The furniture, local sandstone flooring, and plants in shades of brown, grey, and green add to the room’s outdoor vibe.

The walls have been painted to match the red pigment nano-top on the platform surrounding the Jacuzzi with a glass lighting fixture by The White Teak Lighting Studio. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

The home has a natural and authentic feel, amplified by high-quality craftsmanship and locally sourced natural stone at the wellness spa. The spa features a custom-made stone jacuzzi tub located indoors near an outdoor swimming pool. The walls are painted a warm terracotta to match the nano-topped red pigment on the jacuzzi tub surface. A glass lighting fixture by The White Teak Lighting Studio hangs above the tub and massage area that leads to the pool.

The rooftop infinity pool features a sculpture by Nikhil Bhandari and a BDSM Lounge Chair by AKFD, creating a tranquil space. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

Situated on the rooftop is an infinity pool surrounded by a slender bamboo screen with a houndstooth pattern and a sculpture created by Nikhil Bhandari. The pool is designed with the utmost care to create a zen-like atmosphere. It is an ideal relaxation space, accentuated with AKFD furnishings and custom ceramic tile pool flooring.

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The library exudes a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, featuring a Mars Attack Table by AKFD, and lights by The White Teak Studio and Light and You. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

The library has been designed carefully to provide an unparalleled cosy experience. Natural light flows through the setup and the windows, perfectly combining rustic and modern elements. When the sun sets, exquisite lighting fixtures from The White Teak Studio and Light and You complement the home’s splendour. A stunning piece of art with striking brushstrokes hangs between two enormous neatly arranged bookshelves providing an inviting and relaxing atmosphere for reading and studying.

An opulent symphony of elegance, the formal dining room, where the gleam of a Windfall chandelier meets the luminescence of Philippe Starck lamps, harmonizing effortlessly with the refined craftsmanship of AKFD furniture. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)

The Stone House is a testament to the harmonious fusion of contemporary design and timeless architectural principles. From its locally sourced natural stone to the reclaimed wood accents that evoke a sense of heritage, every element honours the surrounding environment and imbues the space with warmth and authenticity. Innovative materials like nano topping reflect the designers’ and clients’ commitment to functionality and aesthetic appeal. With its expansive outdoor areas, high ceilings, and interconnected areas that promote exploration and tranquillity, The Stone House embodies the essence of Spanish architecture and invites its residents to go on a voyage of discovery and make lasting memories.

The gazebo exudes timeless elegance with a wood-burning fireplace by Stoveindia, complemented by wall lights from AKFD, adorned with a vintage-sourced kilim rug, and crowned with a ceiling crafted from reclaimed teak wood. (Image Credit: Studio BluOra)