Steal The Look: These 5 Trendy Bathrooms Are Here To Inspire

  • 12 Dec '23
  • 4:49 pm by Tanvee Abhyankar

A bathroom is no mere utilitarian space; it’s a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting some of your personal touch and style. An ideal bathroom must allow for relaxation, unwinding and tranquillity. It is in this fascinating world of bathroom styling, where the mundane is transformed into a realm of luxury, comfort, and self-expression, that we find a medium for expression. Whether you’re contemplating a dramatic overhaul or seeking subtle changes, this guide will help you create an oasis that not only meets your needs but also reflects your distinctive personality. 

The walls are skillfully crafted by in-house artist Manoj using Asian Paints while the lighting and centrepiece is a custom PB Home mirror on a custom Purple Backyard green fluted wall. Image Credit: Ishita Sitwala

#1 73 Emerald Sky by Purple Backyard

Indulge in the whimsical and experimental with this design tailored for those who revel in fun. A canvas of freehand line graffiti and an overall laid-back ambience make this bathroom a maximalist‘s playground. Revel in the idiosyncrasies of natural stone grains, transforming them into new and captivating forms. Highlighting the design are silky, shimmery light fixtures that not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to the overall allure.

Embark on a unique experience as you encounter the charm of a vibrant and artistic bathroom like no other. Step into the world of ’73 Emerald Sky,’ a project envisioned by Kumpal Vaid of Purple Backyard. In this contemporary maximalist bathroom, vibrant paint and a textured wall, skillfully crafted by in-house artist Manoj using Asian Paints, create a visually striking washroom. The centrepiece, a custom PB Home mirror, takes pride of place, surrounded by a lush green fluted wall, making this bathroom a delightful masterpiece tailored for design and pattern enthusiasts.

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Featuring rustic floor tiles by Arihant, the space integrates TOTO and Kohler’s
sanitary fixtures while The Urban Ensemble’s in-house accessories and decor
contribute to completing the picturesque scene. Image Credit: Biju Gopal

#2 Verdant by The Urban Ensemble

Curate a haven of tranquillity by assembling all the elements dear to you into a cohesive bathroom decor. This vision comes to life in the following portrayal of a bathroom where earthy browns take centre stage, complemented by accents of blacks, whites, and greens. Unite a floor mat, elegantly framed black and white photographs, your cherished books for moments of relaxation, and organic decor items that seamlessly enhance the presence of plants.

For enthusiasts of biophilia, The Urban Ensemble’s bathroom in their ‘Verdant’ project epitomises a seamless blend of minimalism and biophilic design. Featuring rustic floor tiles by Arihant and serene white walls, the space exudes both soothing and striking qualities. The integration of TOTO and Kohler’s sanitary fixtures is seamless, while The Urban Ensemble’s in-house accessories and decor contribute to completing the picturesque scene. This bathroom emerges as a sanctuary where the principles of biophilia and minimalism converge in perfect harmony.

The Bharat Flooring tiles and the custom wall finishes create a beautiful backdrop for the mirrors and accessories, while the paintings and artworks brought from the studio’s global travels and a few from local vendors infuse the room with worldly charm. Sanitary fixtures from Jaquar maintain the look further. Image Credit: Fabien Charuau, Studio Charuau

#3 Amger Villa by The Workshop Architects

Create a haven of comfort by incorporating subtle pastels and earthy textures into your bath sanctuary. Immerse yourself in a space adorned with hand-painted granular wall textures, cosy fur floor mats, and complementing bohemian lampshades. Elegantly arched windows with distressed wood casements and natural stone flooring contribute to an ambience that is both exotic and homely. Enhance the uniqueness of the space by incorporating small artwork and decor accessories from your souvenir box.

Embark on a sensory journey in Amger Villa’s Portuguese-inspired bathroom, where mirrors and accessories from The Workshop Architects’ global travels infuse the room with worldly charm. The space is enriched with collected decor from various bazaars, and a mix of local vendors and Bharat Flooring tiles create a beautiful backdrop, fostering a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. This bathroom stands as an example of all things exotic yet intimately familiar, combining the allure of distant lands with the comfort of home.

The wallpaper of subtle-toned florals is customised alongside the metallic-rimmed mirror. A beautiful wall light by Littoria Lighting matches with the Hansgrohe bathroom fittings to sport a coherent raw look. Image Credit: Ishita Sitwala

#4 Apartment 303 by Quirk Studio

Indulge in the refined details of this washroom where a custom subtle-toned floral wallpaper complements a metallic-rimmed mirror and a harmonious blend of Littoria Lighting and Hansgrohe fittings. This exemplar caters to those who appreciate intricate details without overwhelming embellishments. Meticulous attention is evident in the alignment of grout details, creating a serene atmosphere through the seamless blend of earthy colours with metallic decor and sanitary fixtures.

Explore Quirk Studio’s Apartment 303 master bath for a thoughtfully balanced design with a non-overwhelming palette. Despite abundant textures and patterns, the washroom offers tranquillity and comfort, appealing to the sensibilities of a discerning maximalist.

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The versatile flooring and the blush pink dado tiles by Shrusti Bath redefine the bathroom’s colour palette. Acquaviva’s exquisite matte gold sanitary fittings and the serene white Kohler basin provide the final touch of colour. Image Credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

#5 Ekam by Beyond Spaces Design Studio

Reimagine a bathroom‘s colour palette with the transformative influence of versatile flooring and blush pink dado tiles by Shrushti Bath. The introduction of Acquaviva’s exquisite matte gold sanitary fittings and the serene white Kohler basin provides the finishing touches of colour, elevating the space to a new level of sophistication.

In a departure from the perceived rigidity of clean geometric lines, this bathroom by Mounika Kodali presents a refreshing perspective. The impact of these structured lines is expertly softened with gentle hues of pink and brown, creating an unexpectedly charming effect. The bathroom achieves visual clarity through its crisp lines, while the plush tones work in harmony to infuse a softness into the overall appearance. Notable is the discerning use of fixtures and decor adorned in a silky metallic finish, coupled with the strategic creation of levels within the space, imparting a touch of sophistication. Experience the artful mastery of balance and subtlety in Beyond Spaces Design Studio’ Ekam project. The outcome is a bathroom that seamlessly amalgamates clean lines with soft hues, achieving a perfect equilibrium between modernity and warmth.