Neoclassicism Meets Modern Monochrome In This Palatial Mumbai Apartment

  • 11 Jul '23
  • 2:24 pm by Nirtika Pandita

What happens when contemporary American luxury interior style marries Mumbai’s rustic urban elegance? The answer is this palatial apartment situated on the 22nd floor of Omkar 1973 in Worli, beautifully combining the cultural heritage of two iconic locations. Designed by Hemal Kothari and Apurwa Pandit of Unbox Design Studio, this five-bedroom apartment reimagined into a three-bedroom amalgamates a subtle Western monochromatic palette and modern Indian minimalism.

Spread across 1800 sq. ft. indoors and an additional 1200 sq. ft. of peripheral terraces, the apartment is a reflection of the design studio’s philosophy revolving around the concept of luxurious minimalism.

The living and dining room sets aside its character with the restored crystal chandelier. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

We believe in creating spaces that exude a sense of understated elegance while prioritising functionality and dynamism,” declare Hemal Kothari and Apurwa Pandit.

Right from the entrance up to the living area, crossing through the passage to reach the bedrooms, the walk weaves a visual thread of thoughtful repetition of design elements, materials, colours, and textures.

The space theme is inspired by Neoclassicism, exemplified by detailed cornices, leaning arches, wainscoting, checkerboard flooring, and more. Our design pays homage to the timeless elegance and classical beauty of Neoclassical aesthetics, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary minimalism,” states Hemal Kothari.

Enchanting Entry

The entryway sets the tone for a luxurious experience the moment you step in. The arched door, framed in black and punctuated with bevelled glasses of varying sizes, opens into the passage floored in Victorian diagonal chequered black diana and pearl white marble from Kishangarh.

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The Victorian diagonal chequered Black Diana and Pearl White marble from Kishangarh set the tone of the house. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

Let the eye follow the chequered floor; it’ll lead to a sleek console table from Arjunvir Gujral Design Studio embellished with abstract artwork and white marble candelabras from West Elm, sitting at the end of the entryway. The walls are crafted with Dutch wallcoverings from Bharat Furnishing, while the ceiling is defined by bold black beading.

Beyond The Arched Partition

Stepping out from the arch forays leads to an open living and dining room covered in solid wood wall moulding finished in matt-coloured PU paint. Complementing the walls in the living room are the minimalist sofa and armchairs from Boconcept paired with side tables and sofa back consoles, allowing a free-flowing movement. Adding a distinctive touch to the space are table lamps from West Elm forming a periphery to the seating.

The dining room with its own character stands out with the custom-made dining table with solid metal legs finished in black PVD coating. The top is covered in glossy black back-painted glass decorated with brass candelabra and a table runner from Pottery Barn.

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The arched partition in solid wood done in finished Matt Black PU Paint and bevelled glass complete the look. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

However, it is the large restored crystal chandelier that adds innate charm to the living and dining room combined. What will also draw one’s attention is the unconventional island seating arrangement at the centre of the arched partition. The space showcases artworks by Ram Kumar, titled ‘Untitled, 1983’ and Rabin Mandol’s ‘Untitled Women: Acrylic on board’ among others.

The unconventional island seating arrangement at the center of the arched partition is custom-made by Arjunvir Gujral Furniture. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

The Enchanting Den

Bearing the colour theme torch is the captivating den-cum-study room dripping in rich hues of Charcoal Black with Ebony Oak flooring from Jalaram Timber Depot. The attention will inevitably be drawn to the detailed wall panelling with streamlined geometrical patterns running across the space, making it hard to look away. Complimenting the wall are the boisterous grey sofa and rug; and a sleek golden colour drink table. The den also comprises an acrylic ghost chair from Ikea and monochromatic modern artwork.

Covered in rich hues of Charcoal Black with Ebony Oak flooring from Jalaram Timber Depot, the den room acts as an oasis. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

On the other hand, the powder bathroom’s flooring comes with a modified version of the checkerboard pattern ensuring continuity and rhythm. To maintain the focus on the floor, the walls are completed in Satvario tiles, contrasted by black bath fittings.

The Acrylic ghost chair from Ikea and monochromatic modern artwork build the identity of the den. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

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Moreover, the room seamlessly transitions and opens into the balcony, maximising its potential and providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. This integration further enhances the room’s overall functionality, allowing an all-encompassing view and thus creating a unified living experience.

In this space, the den room and the powder bathroom truly showcase our signature style,” says Apurwa Pandit.

Grandeur Master Bedroom

The final destination is the master bedroom – an epitome of magnificence. Look closely and the American-inspired design principles come alive through the tall Wyoming king-size bed, gigantic Chesterfield headboard, and huge nightstands. The distressed Ebony Oak wooden flooring adds to the sense of opulence permeating the space, while the injection of mixed metals – black metal table lamps and a brass drink table – deliver a somewhat timeless concoction. Besides the bedroom, it boasts a majestic walk-in wardrobe and an ultra-luxurious bathroom. The jet black and pure white colour palette oversized walk-in wardrobe leaves one starry-eyed.

The Trussardi wallpaper from Bharat Furnishings compliments the composition of the bed, drink table, and table lamps in the master bedroom. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi

However, the coup de grâce of the apartment is the ensuite bathroom laid in all-white-punctuated-with brutal black tiles from The VBCL Store. This humongous bathroom comprises wash basins for him and her, a sprawling bathtub, and breathtaking views overlooking the city through large glass-glazed doors framed in black. The aesthetics come to perfection with the elegant side table and towel rack from Havanto India.

The coup de grâce of the apartment is the ensuite bathroom laid in all-white-punctuated-with brutal black tiles from The VBCL Store. Image credit: Yadnyesh Joshi