This Marketing Office Might Be The Chicest You’ve Ever Seen

  • 3 Oct '23
  • 7:15 pm by Sakshi Lakhotia

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: this aphorism finds its spatial adaptation in the muted tones and curvilinear forms of SRRM Projects’ new marketing office in Jora, Chhattisgarh. Purposively designed by Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani of Azure Interiors, this minimalist workspace, washed in hues of mauve, has been furnished to evoke a lingering sense of calm and intrigue. The 3,250-square-feet of space has been strategically-defined zones like the transitional lobby, a VR and conference room, and the two private cabins that reflect the client’s pursuits in luxury real estate.

The lobby area is fortified by floor-to-ceiling glass windows that maximise natural light and features a bespoke tri-material reception desk. (Styling Credits – Jasmine Jhaveri & Image Credits – Atul Pratap Chauhan)

Visitors are transported to an unexpectedly tasteful space when greeted by the bespoke marble-draped reception table and a contemporary chandelier from Zeqon at the entrance. Here, it is the furniture, or lack thereof, that goes against every norm of how conventional offices are configured. A standalone seating format—with coffee tables doubling up as workstations—has been deliberately planned to “accommodate small groups of clients as they interact comfortably with their designated sales representative,” reveals Rashi Bothra.

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A custom-built microfiber sofa in the common lounge area with individual rounded seating areas and coffee tables. (Styling Credits – Jasmine Jhaveri & Image Credits – Atul Pratap Chauhan)

There is an earthy elegance to a monochromatic atmosphere such as that of the SRRM office. When natural light generously floods in, it further romanticises Bothra and Gehani’s use of a neutral palette. The micro-cemented floors with nano-coating and lime plaster walls converge effortlessly to give an illusion of the rustic outdoors. However, it is the subtle accents of gold amidst the greys, whites, and beiges that truly draw the eye.

The ultra-private CEO cabin showcases clean lines with a marble countertop, ergonomic leather chairs and a table light from Zeqon. (Styling Credits – Jasmine Jhaveri & Image Credits – Atul Pratap Chauhan)

For an uninterrupted flow of creativity and conversation, the conference room, the entirety of the space, has been left uncluttered. With a sleek table designed in-house perched at the centre– a deliberate choice to capture a client’s undivided attention. Hanging above is a contemporary chandelier from Zeqon that reflects the same opulence as the gold accenting used across the office.

The conference room with an oval-contoured table and statement chandelier, both accented with gold, and discreet storage space. (Styling Credits – Jasmine Jhaveri & Image Credits – Atul Pratap Chauhan)

Inspired by nature, the curvature of the undulating flexible ply walls is used to demarcate one area from another. While the communal spaces are meant to foster the notion of collaboration, the private workspaces are designed with the intention of optimising functionality and productivity. This office space exudes elegance and simplicity that allow for seamless communication and collaboration between members of the team.

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A glimpse of the carpeted VR Room establishes it as the striking element from afar. The side panels chosen for sound absorption create an acoustically balanced atmosphere that adds to the immersive experience at SRRM Projects, Chattisgarh. (Styling Credits – Jasmine Jhaveri & Image Credits – Atul Pratap Chauhan)