7 Thoughtful Gifts For Every Kind Of Mom: DP’s Guide For Mother’s Day

Explore Design Pataki's curated Mother's Day gifting guide, featuring exquisite selections for every kind of mom, from artful décor to chic accessories. Celebrating the diverse essence of motherhood.

  • 10 May '24
  • 1:45 pm by Virender Singh

In the tapestry of motherhood, each thread weaves a unique narrative. From the Artistic Mom who finds solace in the wellspring of her imagination to the Nature-Loving Mom who nurtures life’s beauty with every breath, our curated selection embodies the diverse essence of motherhood. Whether she sets the vibe infusing tranquillity into every corner or a Glamorous Diva radiating elegance and sophistication, each gift resonates with her distinct persona. As we delve into a world of gourmet indulgence, efficiency and organisation, let us not forget the New Mom, embarking on a journey of discovery and transformation. 

With DP’s curated picks, we invite you to honour the extraordinary mothers in your life, celebrating their boundless love and unwavering spirit with gifts as unique and multifaceted as they are.

Antelope mask. Price — ₹263,000 (Image Credits: Lladró)

#1 For the Artistic Mom: Elevate Her Space with Lladró’s Antelope Mask

Indulge your mother’s passion for collecting beautiful objet d’art with Lladró’s Antelope mask from The Fierce Portraits collection. This exquisite piece offers a unique fusion of artistry and functionality, allowing her to adorn her walls with porcelain creations that captivate the eye. Crafted with meticulous detail and presented in a striking 3D format, each mask in this collection exudes a powerful presence, transforming any space into a gallery of elegance. With its versatile design, the ‘Antelope Mask’ is not just a decorative piece; it’s a statement of artistic sophistication. Whether displayed on a flat surface or hung on the wall, its dynamic presence adds depth and character to any room.

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Pichkaari The Elephant Watering Can. Price — ₹3,280 (Image Credits: Freedom Tree)

#2 For the Nature-Loving Mom: Freedom Tree’s Elephant Watering Can

Gift your boho-chic mom a touch of whimsy with Freedom Tree‘s ‘Pachy’ (also known as Pichkari) elephant watering can. This delightful watering can bring a playful twist to gardening, inviting your mother to reconnect with nature charmingly and imaginatively. Now, your mom can add this whimsical spirit into her garden or patio, transforming it into a sanctuary of joy and creativity. Handcrafted in sturdy recycled metal and hand-painted in vibrant teal hues, ‘Pachy’ is a statement piece that adds character and personality to any outdoor space. With ample room for larger plants and easy drainage provided by its perched legs, this extra-large planter ensures practicality and style.

Sangandhat Candle. Price — ₹2,800 (Image Credits: Tula)

#3 For the Vibesetter Mom: Enrich Her Ambiance with Tula’s Sangandhat Candle

Treat your mom to moments of tranquillity and relaxation with Tula‘s Sangandhat Candle, perfect for the Vibesetter or wellness guru mom. Handcrafted in the historical city of Firozabad, it’s a luxurious addition to any space. Encased in elegant borosilicate glass, the Sangandhat candle exudes sophistication and style. Infused with Tula‘s signature blend of coconut and soy wax, it offers a clean and long-lasting burn, ensuring hours of aromatic bliss. 

Choose from two delightful fragrances to suit her mood: Panna’ with its refreshing notes of Neem, Tulsi, Cucumber and Frangipani that are reminiscent of a morning forest walk. Alternatively, you can go for ‘Neelam’ with its captivating blend of Labdanum, Sweet Orange and Rosewood. For an extra indulgence, light them individually or together to create a harmonious symphony of scents. Crafted with care in different regions of India, including Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh for the container, Khannauj, Uttar Pradesh for the perfume oil, and poured in Kolkata, West Bengal, the Sangandhat candle celebrates the rich diversity of craftsmanship and scent.

The Amalthée Oxer watch and jewellery box. Price on request (Image Credits: Studio Hermès)

#4 For the Glamorous Diva Mom: Flatter Her with A Jewellery Box From Hermès

Go with timeless elegance with the Amalthée Myriade Watch and Jewellery Box, perfect for the Glamorous Diva. Crafted as a house classic, this exquisite piece is a fusion of elegance and functionality, designed to showcase her prized possessions luxuriously. Made of elm wood and sheathed in bridle leather on all sides, each box is a masterpiece with hand-painted motifs adorning its surface, applied freehand by skilled artisans with meticulous precision. The intricate lines and dots traced in ink create a mesmerising visual display, adding a touch of artisanal charm to her vanity or dressing room. Inside, the box is lined with suede lambskin, offering a soft and protective nest for her cherished watches and jewellery pieces.

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Brass Coupe Set. Price — ₹5,400 (Image Credits: Indian Heirloom Co.)

#5 For the Gourmet Mom: Elevate Hosting with Indian Heirloom Co.

Indulge your mom’s passion for hosting lavish gatherings with the Rajnigandha Collection from Indian Heirloom Co. Crafted with creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship, our handcrafted pieces add elegance and charm to every moment of life. The Rajnigandha Collection is a heartfelt tribute to the divine feminine, symbolising unwavering love, and deep loyalty. Their Brass Coupe Glasses–featuring the captivating Rajnigandha motif– are perfect for elegant and culturally inspired table arrangements. Whether it’s for weddings, home decor, or dining establishments, these glasses add a touch of sophistication to any setting.

#6 For the Boss Lady: Improve Her Efficiency with Nappa Dori

The ‘Wielder Laptop Bag’ Large from Nappa Dori—a timeless fusion of modern efficiency and tradition. Crafted with genuine harness leather using classic military design methods, this bag exudes sophistication and functionality. Furnished with gold hardware, two d-rings, an adjustable strap, and a convenient back pocket, the ‘Wielder Laptop Bag.’ It is tailored to the needs of the contemporary woman. It’s not just a stylish accessory; it’s a statement of empowerment. Designed to encase a 16-inch laptop, its spacious interiors boast two compartments and herringbone lining, ensuring practicality and elegance. Whether she’s conquering the boardroom or navigating the corporate jungle, this bag is her trusted companion.

Bunny Storage. ₹36,500. (Image Credits: Waddle & Roo)

#7 Waddle and Roo — For The New Mom

The Bunny Storage by Waddle & Roo is a visually soothing addition to any nursery or playroom loved by all kids. Designed with accessibility in mind, this storage unit empowers children with a sense of independence while keeping their belongings safe and stylish. Crafted from pinewood, HDF, and rattan with non-toxic paint, the Bunny Storage is durable and safe for your little one. Available in two charming colour options — White & Wooden — this storage unit adds a touch of flair to any space. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to peace of mind as you watch your little one explore and play in a tidy environment.